Magic Men Australia is one of the fastest-growing male revues in the world

Will Parfitt of Magic Men Australia
Will Parfitt of Magic Men Australia. Photo Credit: Japs Photography

Magic Men Australia is one of the greatest and fastest-growing male revues in the world. True Hollywood Talk’s Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Walt Disney once said “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” This quote applies to the cast and crew of “Magic Men Australia,” under the guidance and leadership of owner Carlos Jay.

Magic Men Australia is a leading male entertainment experience, which features gifted performers and artists from all over the globe. 

It is a high-adrenaline production show that takes place in elegant venues in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, with some of the most talented and diverse dancers and individuals from all around the world. They perform incredible choreography and routines juxtaposed with extraordinary presentation skills and values. 

This year, the performers are also out on the road touring as part of their 2022 show dates. To learn more about their tour dates, visit their official homepage by clicking here.

In the future, the cast of Magic Men Australia looks forward to taking their touring show all over the world.

Their live show is a celebration of life and vitality; moreover, it’s a place where ladies can feel like their desires and pleasures are heard and they are treated like princesses…a place where they feel comfortable, happy and proud.

Magic Men Australia has been voted as Australia’s No. 1 “Ladies Night Out.” People can feel the magic as the performers take them on a journey. They offer hens parties, live shows, and their performers can also be hired for home events and special occasions.

“It’s a good company to work for. It is getting bigger and bigger now with social media blowing up,” lead performer (and Channing Tatum doppelganger) Will Parfitt said.

On being a part of “Magic Men Australia,” Ceaser Smith said, “It’s a world of emotions. It’s like playing baseball and hitting a home run, and I get that same feeling of adrenaline when I am on stage. It is actually magical, and it has been the highlight of my career.”

Charlie Welham remarked, “It’s a great and fun environment to work and to be around. The guys are really supportive. So many opportunities have arisen since I joined ‘Magic Men Australia.’ I am a waiter for them. My favorite is being a part of the boat parties.”

Originally from Colombia, performer Jonathan Garces resides in Sydney, Australia, and performs for “Magic Men Australia,” which is one of the top male revues in Australia. “This is the biggest company of male revue entertainment in Australia. Honestly, I can’t believe I am a part of it,” Garces said. “It’s a big family and we support each other. It’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life. It’s honesty the best. Carlos is the best boss, and he is always there to support us,” Garces added.

To learn more about Magic Men Australia, check out their official website and their Facebook page. Also, follow them on Instagram.


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