Gary Graham, Known for His Roles as Matt Sikes in Alien Nation and Ambassador Soval in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise, Has Passed Away

Gary Graham at the 40th Annual Saturn Awards, The Castaway, Burbank, CA 06-26-14

The entertainment world mourns the loss of Gary Graham, renowned for his roles in “Alien Nation” and as Ambassador Soval, who has sadly passed away at 73. Born on June 6, 1950, in Long Beach, California, Graham discovered his passion for acting in his teenage years, a passion that would shape his future career in Hollywood.

Graham’s initial steps in the entertainment industry involved numerous guest roles on various TV shows during the late 1970s and early 1980s. His remarkable versatility quickly made him a preferred choice for television roles. His early notable performance was in the TV film “Hard Knocks,” where he excelled in portraying intricate characters.

Graham gained significant fame with his portrayal of Detective Matthew Sikes in the TV series “Alien Nation,” which aired from 1989 to 1990. Set in a future where Earth is home to both humans and alien “Newcomers,” the series was a hit, and Graham’s role as a human detective paired with an alien was critically lauded. His performance underscored his talent for handling sophisticated and layered roles.

His career extended beyond “Alien Nation,” with notable appearances in various TV series, including a memorable part in “Star Trek: Enterprise” as Ambassador Soval, the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. His portrayal was widely praised for bringing depth to the character, reaffirming his aptitude for science fiction roles.

Graham also made his mark in the film industry, taking on several roles across different genres, from drama to science fiction. His film appearances further emphasized his broad acting range.

Apart from his on-screen achievements, Graham was active in philanthropic endeavors, particularly in promoting arts education. He supported initiatives for budding actors and artists, demonstrating his commitment to the arts beyond his acting career.

Throughout his career, Gary Graham consistently demonstrated his ability to imbue his characters with realism and depth. His journey from television roles to acclaimed performances in science fiction and drama established him as a versatile and respected actor.

He leaves behind his wife, Becky, and daughter.