Heal Your Life To True Peace, Health, Love & Happiness With Sasitorn Sukkasem


To be healthy, most people often only focus on one aspect of physical activity like weightlifting or running. However, there are more areas to target if you want to be ‘truly healthy.’  It goes beyond incorporating strength training and cardio into your exercise; you need self-love. 

Feeling great about yourself and your body can go a long way in giving you the happiness you want and inspiring others. “Living a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to you but also to those around you.” Says Sasitorn Sukkasem. Dr. Sasitorn Sukkasem, also known as Dr. Sas, is on a mission to inspire and enlighten women who decide to heal their life to true health, love, peace, and happiness.

About Sasitorn Sukkasem

Dr. Sas has an intuitive understanding of people and is highly intelligent to boot. Her insightfulness and diverse learning allow her to quickly understand others and help them conquer the challenges they face- be it nutrition, seeking mindfulness, or dealing with aches and pains. 

Dr. Sas has many different tools to assist, and her multiple training areas allow for an integrated approach. She is warm and compassionate, and her desire to help others is readily apparent. But what is the secret to true peace, health, love, and happiness?

Focus On The Body, Mind & Spirit

Years ago, Dr. Sas thought she could eat anything and stay skinny and healthy. She never had issues with weight gain, until during the pandemic when the gym shut down and she was passing half a decade of age.   Still, at below ideal body weight, her body composition was not optimum.    She quickly realized that you are not healthy just because you are not overweight.   She wanted to have true health where she knows that her body will be strong enough to carry her through life and healthy enough to fight off the toxic environment that we all live in.   To her to be healthy is not just the absence of disease.  “To be healthy is when your body is full of vitality, your mind is at peace, and your spirit shines with light,” says Dr. Sas. 

Sasitorn found out that to attain true health you must focus on all areas of life.  The 3 main areas of health are mind, body, and spirit.  All the other areas of life can definitely fall under these main three categories or involve all three of these categories.  She understood that you need to accept yourself and know that you come first to do the actions that support you to be healthy in all areas. Additionally, eating the right food and moving your body is essential for your health too. Dr. Sas believes in bio-individuality, and she insists that listening to our bodies is very important. You also need to understand that you are more than body and flesh and have a spiritual component within you. Hence, meditations and connecting to a spiritual greater force also contribute to your overall health. 

Dr. Sas has been an observer, teacher, learner, and experiencer in life itself. She has healed her life to health, true peace, happiness, and love. Besides, Dr. Sas is coaching others to do the same. She teaches health through healing all three areas of life- mind, body, and spirit. 

Heal Yourself To Health

Healing yourself first is the key to healing the world.  People are running around and trying to “help” and “heal” everybody else and they forget that to heal everyone you must first start with yourself.  That is why self-love is so important.  There is a song by Michael Jackson; the lyrics go like this: 

“ I’m starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could’ve been any clearer

If they wanna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and then make a change”

That is what Sasitorn herself lives by and discovered- self-love.  It’s not finding a happy medium, it is finding that exact thing that you must have to heal yourself.  You, therefore, need to start tweaking the facet of your life that leads you in a more healthy direction until you reach that apex.  For her it is not just eliminating unhealthy foods; it is adding in the nutritious food that your body needs.  Start small and take baby steps, says Dr. Sas.  She often tells her clients to start with getting enough sleep – know that you are important enough to deserve that sleep.  With nutrition start with cutting sugar out of your life; if you drink sweet drinks start with half the sugar.  With spiritual connection; start with having 10 minutes of quiet time with just you and nature.  It’s the small stuff that you do that will add to the bigger accomplishments until you reach the true health that you are searching for. For more information, you can connect to Sasitorn Sukkasem on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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