How Eva Garzón Became The Top Mogul In Miami Realty


With the recent explosions of entrepreneurship that have flooded the market, one can’t help but give props to those who are able to thrive amidst such oversaturation in every industry. This case is tenfold in the real estate market, which even before the pandemic was known for its volatility. In the face of such adversity, some entrepreneurs and agents have risen to the upper echelons with sustainable business plans built with hard work and tenacity.

Eva Garzón is one such entrepreneur, founder of The Grand Lion Real Estate Group who’s making a splash in the Miami real estate scene. She came to the US for a paid internship after graduating from ICADE University in her home of Madrid, intending to return after 12 months. However, life has a funny way of not going according to plan.

For Garzón, this happened when she discovered her true love, real estate, which is not nearly as common in the old world as it is in America. While she made $2k a month, some of her friends in the industry were making $30k in a day. Garzón knew this was her calling right away and decided to find employment at another firm in Miami.

After 2 years of hard work and dedication to providing flawless customer service, Garzón decided it was time to move on, using what she had learned and the connections she made to establish her own agency at the young age of 23. Surprisingly, she had a relatively easy transition during this time. Thanks to Garzón’s unparalleled commitment to making happy clients, many followed her right to her new office – a testament to her passion for real estate and providing quality service. She wanted to make something different that would redefine and make a lasting impact in the real estate industry, and so she did.

Fast forward to today, a mere 8 years later, during which time Garzón has run an ironclad operation driven by trust between her and her clients, as well as her agents. Of course, she couldn’t have gotten to where she is now without her loyal client base, though Garzón also contributes her success to her team and the bond they share.

They don’t fight over clients or compete for limited commissions. Rather, The Grand Lion Real Estate team is like a family, each member hand-picked by Garzón herself to specialize in their niche and strengths to provide the best service possible. She likes to have a diverse team as well, “different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions but all sharing the main purpose of the company as we all share a common goal,” as she put it in a Forbes interview.

Garzón focuses on strengthening communication and comradery between her team, and overall creating an environment that nurtures personal and brand growth while providing them with ample pay and benefits.

Garzón’s results speak for themselves through the state of her brand. The Grand Lion Real Estate Group has employed more than 50 skilled realty agents and handles more than $1 billion in varied real estate. As Garzón moves into the future, she aims to perfect her platform even further and expand her asset portfolio, thereby enhancing her service to be even better than it is now. Garzón has also made plans to establish new offices in Miami, as well as her home city of Madrid.