Tyler Hynes talks about his new film ‘Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas’

Tyler Hynes
Tyler Hynes. Photo Credit: Lindsay Siu, Hallmark Media

Actor Tyler Hynes chatted about his new mystery film “Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas,” which will premiere on Saturday, November 26 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

This is the fifth installment of the popular movie franchise from executive producer Blake Shelton. It features a special guest appearance by Recording Artist Tenille Townes. Hynes stars opposite Holland Roden.

“It’s a mystery. It involves multiple characters for a congruent storyline that intersects. It’s a fun ride and a really well-written script by a talented writer. The co-stars were absolutely lovely,” Hynes said. “Being able to work with producer Orly Adelson was a blessing.”

Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth Athens (Holland Roden) receives a voicemail from a number she doesn’t recognize. On it, a man she doesn’t know makes one final plea to the love of his life for a second chance, asking to meet on Christmas Eve at the unnamed spot where they first met.

Elizabeth realizes that this message is not meant for her, and the outcome of someone else’s love story is now in her hands. As she’s swept into the search for the mystery caller, she’s reunited with her best friend Josh (Tyler Hynes), who is home for Christmas for the first time in years after a tragic event in the past split them apart. On this very special Christmas, a wrong number will put Elizabeth on an exciting journey of romance and adventure that will give her and three other lost souls a second chance at happiness.

“We filmed this during a heatwave,” Hynes said. “It was hot and I think it’s a good contrast to ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby.’ This is a completely different genre (mystery) and it has a completely different tone. It will put at your heartstrings a little bit.”

“Tenille Townes was fantastic, she was so sweet and she had never acted before,” Hynes exclaimed. “I watched the movie the other day and she couldn’t be better. It is a hard thing to be yourself on camera. Tenille is so talented, her voice is so cool, unique, and spectacular. She covers Blake’s song, and she couldn’t sound better. Tenille is a lovely human being. She is a force, that’s for sure.”

“Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas” is from Johnson Production Group. Tim Johnson, Stacy Mandelberg, Orly Adelson, and Shelton are executive producers. David Winning directed the movie from a script by Marcy Holland, and it is based on the book “Time for Me to Come Home” by Dorothy Shackleford and Travis Thrasher.