How Offices and Retail Spaces Can Benefit from a Respira Living Wall Garden


An air-purifying smart garden by the name of Respira is bringing tremendous changes to our indoor spaces. As the world settles into this new normal, and many offices and retail stores begin to open up again, business owners are looking for ways to make their occupants feel comfortable, confident, and safe.

Respira Air Functionality

With Respira Air, gone are the days of struggling to keep your indoor plants healthy, as the system is self-lighting, self-feeding, and self-watering. The smart garden is planted hydroponically, meaning without soil, which takes away the risk of ever overwatering your plants. The best part is, Respira is packed with technology that allows you to track the growing conditions of the garden from anywhere in the world. 

Respira also improves the health of the indoor environment through the most natural and sustainable form of indoor air purification. Every year, over 12,000 tons of disposable air filters end up in landfills. That is why Respira has designed a reusable pre-filter for their system. Through the process of biofiltration, Respira is able to remove toxins from the air in your space at a removal efficiency of 97%. Not only is this an organic and natural process, but the air purification abilities actually get better over time as they adapt to your space.

Benefits of this New Smart Garden

Adding plants to your indoor environment is an easy way to bring in more life and energy, especially in stark indoor settings that seem to lack these two qualities on their own. The Respira smart garden is a unique way to bring more than just a green setting to an otherwise bleak environment. It is also a functional masterpiece that provides cleaner and fresher air, offering clients a better experience and workers a more productive workspace.

This smart garden automates the tasks of plant care while still providing nature’s benefits of reduced stress, mental fatigue, and pain. It may also aid employees in task performance and improve overall mood. Studies have also shown that retail spaces that are abundant with plant life are more likely to be endorsed and frequented by customers.  

Psychological Benefits

How can this system have such a large effect on our mental wellbeing? We, as humans, have an innate desire to connect with nature and natural processes – this idea is known as biophilia. When you design a space with natural materials or nature-inspired features it satisfies this desire within us and brings a sense of tranquility. In fact, a study entitled “Viewing Nature Scenes Positively Affects Recovery of Autonomic Function Following Acute-Mental Stress,” published by the NCBI, found that interactions with nature can lead to “improvements in self-esteem, mood, anxiety levels, and bring feelings of calmness and comfort.” 

Physical Effects

By actively purifying the air through biofiltration, Respira replenishes your space with naturally purified air. The system captures and permanently destroys harmful airborne pollutants, such as Benzene and Toluene, that you would otherwise be breathing. These toxins can cause acute allergic reactions, chronic illness, lung damage, skin damage, and breathing issues, among other health problems.

Effects on Productivity

Providing a connection to nature in an indoor workspace can also greatly improve worker productivity. A study published in 2014 by the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that workers’ productivity could increase to as much as 15% if you placed houseplants around the office environment. This improved productivity also lends itself to reduced employee anxiety and fewer sick days. 

Respira allows you to bring plants into your space worry-free, while also optimizing them to provide maximum mental and physical benefits.

With all these benefits of indoor plants, boosted by the incredible functions and features of Respira Air, you can be sure you’re investing in your health and the health of the occupants in your space. Learn more about this innovative product by visiting their website:


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