Inside the World Champion Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Bash


In celebration of his 40th birthday, world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather threw himself a lavish birthday party over the course of Oscar weekend. The main blowout was the epic bash thrown on Saturday, located in the Golden Ballroom in the Ritz Carlton, the world famous boxer had a star studded event with guest such as Bobby Brown, Justin Bieber, The Game, French Montana, Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel and Mariah Carey. The celebrities all walked into a Crystal chandelier lit room with equipped with fine dining and live entertainment. Dressed to impress, Mayweather wearing a black sequin blazer being escorted by 10 bodyguards.

“He was smiling and enjoying his night surrounded by all his friends and family” he told

There was no denying who the party was for as Mayweather’s face was everywhere. At the entrance to the party, guests were greeted by a money tree covered with hanging fake $100 bills with his face on them while larger portraits of the birthday boy hung on the walls.
The larger-than-life boxer had an equally packed guest list. While the room was meant to only accommodate 300 people, upwards of 1,300 attendees crowded into the ballroom. In addition to an open bar, guests enjoyed hamburger sliders and mini BBQ chicken sandwiches a full taco bar, a fully functional candy store (free candy) and a hand carved turkey and steak stand.

As for decor, the boxer had cages with not 1 but 2 white Bengal tigers inside the room. The guest of honor had his own golden throne in the middle of the ballroom surrounded by celebrities, family and security guards.
By the end of the night as if all this wasn’t enough he had live performances by Justin Bieber, The Game, Fat Joe and Mariah Carey.
All in all Floyd Mayweather you really know how to throw one lavish party!


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