Interview: Brian Pruett inspires us to be one percent better

Brian Pruett
Brian Pruett. Photo Courtesy of Brian Pruett

Fitness professional, social influencer, and athlete Brian Pruett chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his motivations, faith, and latest endeavors.

Tim Tebow once said, “Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t come with money and it doesn’t come with fame. It comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love, and being passionate about what you do. That’s having a life of success. When you have the ability to do what you love, love what you do, and have the ability to impact people. That’s having a life of success. That’s what having a life of meaning is.” 

A person who is worthy of this inspirational quote by Tim Tebow is Brian Pruett.

Pruett is the creator of BFIT, which is faith-inspired fitness. He is a former Division 1 baseball player turned NASM certified Personal Trainer and Coach, his passion is to help people become more and step into the life they were created to live.

“With fitness, the part I love about it is that every rep or every day you show up or every time you get to the edge and don’t want to do this, it’s who I am, so I am going to show up for myself… with a purpose,” he said.

“I believe everything matters. I believe that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us,” he added. “When I am super-disciplined with my fitness, then I get to be disciplined in other areas of life as well. I can do more and I can be more.”

“We want to look good and we want to feel good because we are human,” he said. “I have one body for my entire life so if every day and breath is a gift, and every body is a gift, I want to make the most out of that gift. With fitness, that’s how I take my purpose and my faith and I fuse them together.”

“If you have a purpose and something greater than you, and for me, that’s my faith, I am not defined by how I look,” he added.

Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, he developed a passion for living life to the fullest by staying active and healthy through sports. He fell in love with training and getting stronger so he could perform well and have success in life. He eventually got laser-focused on baseball and played Division 1 baseball for four years.

As his baseball days came to an end, he realized something that changed his life: baseball was something he did.. but it wasn’t who he was. His identity was far greater than being a “ballplayer.” It is much more than simply being an athlete.

Pruett acknowledged that this was a career-defining moment for him. “I had let baseball define me and that was such a pivotal time in my life because my faith made me realize that I am so much more than that. Ultimately, God is my anchor to give me value. I am still a valuable human being because I am created in God’s image,” he said.

He got super fit – body, mind, spirit.. and he is on a mission to become more of the man he was created and destined to be. He is a firm believer that either one is always either running towards their potential or backing down and becoming less.

Daily motivations

On his daily motivations, Pruett said, “I always think about the next season of life I am going to start and I have to become a man who is ready for that season.”

“I’m married now but before I was married I wanted to become a man who could have a wife and who could provide for his family. I wanted to be a loving husband and a supportive friend. I am always looking toward the next season,” he added.

“I try to look beyond myself,” he admitted. “I think we all have crazy, God-given potential and we have an insane amount of potential that not that many people realize. It’s a matter of becoming more of the person we are right now and being content and happy with who we are now. I want to become the man of the next season of life. I am motivated by love and by becoming ‘more me’.”

Presently, he is committed to challenging apathy, averageness, and the status quo. Just like with baseball, the goal is to WIN – and winning for Pruett is waking people up to their potential and refusing to settle for anything less.

His focus is on bringing massive value to my inner circle, my clients, and the people around him through his online program: BFIT. He believes in a holistic approach to life that connects the body, mind, and spirit

The world is always changing but his purpose remains simple and steady: Making a real positive impact by helping people become more for their future and the people they love the most.

The digital age

On being a fitness professional and athlete in the digital age, Pruett said, “To be honest, I think it is such a great opportunity. In the old days, you can’t replace one-on-one impact but now I can get this message of ‘being made for more’ —and getting one percent better with your fitness and mindset —out to the masses, and that’s a beautiful gift.”

“It’s a really cool opportunity and many doors can open and opportunities can be made,” he added.

Advice for hopefuls

For young and aspiring people that wish to go into fitness, he said, “Pick a path and realize life will teach what you need to know for the next phase. Realize that there is no wrong path because anything you learn in that path will be an advantage to you in the future.”

“Pick a path on what your heart says because the world needs more people that live wholeheartedly, fully alive, and pursue things to their potential. The advice is simple: follow your path and be excellent in everything you do, and just trust that God has a plan for you,” he added.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Pruett said, “Preparation Season.” “I want to build a business that’s sustainable, I want kids in the future, I want to impact people, and I want to shake more hands around the country and around the globe. Ultimately, it is preparation season. I want the 30s to be the most fruitful decade of my life. That’s definitely the chapter that I am living in right now,” he explained.

If he were to have any superpower, he revealed that it would be “to fly.”

In track and field, he shared that he would do the 100 meter dash because it is “full force.” He listed the “butterfly” as his personal favorite stroke in swimming.

Regarding his definition of the word success, he said, “Doing something to the best of your ability, the way you were put on earth to do.”

For fans and supporters, Pruett expressed his gratitude. “I am super incredibly grateful to anybody that supports me or follows me. When my content inspires people, it means a lot to me. I am forever grateful for that,” he said, effusively.

Rapid Fire Questions

Pruett also took some time to answer a few “Rapid Fire” questions.

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes
Flying or driving? Driving
City living or country living? Country living
Summer or winter? Summer
Library or museum? Library
Bath or shower? Shower
Pepsi or Coke? Coke
Texting or calling? Calling
Half-full or half-empty? Half-full
Curly fries or normal fries? Normal fries
Skydiving or scuba diving? Skydiving
Indoor pool or outdoor pool? Outdoor pool
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Rain or snow? Rain
Singing or dancing? Dancing
Burgers or tacos? Burgers
Long course or short course? Long course
Money or fame? Money

To learn more about Brian Pruett, check out his official website, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.