Interview: Jaxon Human finds his life’s passion in fitness and performing

Jaxon Human
Jaxon Human. Photo Courtesy of Jaxon Human

Social media sensation Jaxon Human chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his love for fitness, the entertainment business, and performing for Magic Men Australia.

American track and field legend Jesse Owens once said: “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Jaxon Human is an individual and performer that embodies this wise quote by the late four-time Olympic gold medalist.

On being a part of Magic Men Australia, he said, “I was actually one of the original guys eight years ago. I started with them in 2014, and then I left, and I came back because I loved performing and I miss it.”

Human had great words about working with the entire Magic Men Australia cast of performers. “It has been great,” he admitted. “We get to travel all over Australia, and then next year, we have Canada, New Zealand, and hopefully, the UK locked in as well. I enjoy traveling the world with my best mates, I really can’t complain.”

He noted that he would love to someday come and perform in the United States in the future with Magic Men Australia too.

Human has a passion for fitness and nutrition. “I have been a coach and nutritionist for the past 10 years, which is great. I work with hundreds of clients and I help them improve their lifestyle, and nutrition, and I help them better themselves,” he said.

Regarding his daily motivations as a performer, he said, “Just to see people happy, that’s the reason why I perform. I love to see people enjoy themselves at our shows, even the grandmothers in the group.”

On being a fitness professional and performer in the digital age, he said, “Times are definitely changing, I have to adapt to everything that I am doing. I am very old-school and I still like to call my clients. I am trying to get my head around conversing with them online via Facebook and Instagram.”

For young and aspiring performers and fitness enthusiasts, he said, “Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. We do it because we love to put on a show. In regards to fitness, make sure that it is a passion. Coaches need to do it because they love it not because they think it’s easy.”

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Human said, “The Greatest Showman and Life is a Highway.” “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long,” he said quoting the Rascal Flatts popular country tune.

“Enjoy every moment and don’t put expectations on your life because that is when you mess it up,” he said.

Regarding his future plans and goals, he shared, “I want to help Magic Men Australia get to the next level, and take over the world. Magic Men is growing every day and next year, we have so much on our plate.”

He acknowledged that some of his career-defining moments include doing some TV appearances in the past. He was a part of “Australia’s Got Talent” with Magic Men Australia, as well as “Love Island Australia” and “Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians.” “They all helped build my career but they didn’t establish who I was. Without the TV, I reckon I would be in the same position that I am now, though the TV definitely helped me promote my own brand,” he admitted.

If he were to have any superpower, he revealed that he would choose to be “exactly as Thor.”

He listed the “backstroke” “It is probably the easiest stroke to do,” he said.

His track and field event of choice would be the 1,500 meter race. “My endurance is probably my strong point,” he said.

For Human, the word success means “happiness” in life. He prefers simpler things over material and more expensive things. “I’m a simple guy and I’m all about health over wealth because, for me, health is wealth,” he said.

He concluded for his loyal Magic Men Australia fans, “Make sure you come and see me get naked on our next tour. It’s one hell of a show.”

To learn more about Jaxon Human, follow him on Instagram.

For more information on his tour dates with Magic Men Australia, check out their official website.


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