Jill Wagner and Paul Greene to star in ‘Bringing Christmas Home’

Jill Wagner
Jill Wagner. Photo by Marie Hilla.

Actress Jill Wagner will star in the original Great American Family film “Bringing Christmas Home,” where she will be joined by Paul Greene. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Mike Rohl directed “Bringing Christmas” Home from an original screenplay that was written by Casie Tabanou and Alison Spuck.

Jill Wagner (“A Merry Christmas Wish”) and Paul Greene are set to star in the new holiday original movie, “Bringing Christmas Home,” which will premiere as part of the network’s annual Great American Christmas franchise. Both actors served as executive producers.

Great American Christmas will return on October 20 with original movie premieres on Saturdays and Sundays, and nonstop holiday movies through the end of the year. Holiday films fans need not wait until October as Great American Christmas in July returns to air on Great American Family beginning on Friday, June 30.

In “Bringing Christmas Home,” retired military officer, now Military History professor, Caroline Upton (Jill Wagner) is enlisted to assist antiques store owner, Russell Carlisle (Paul Greene) in finding the family of WWII Army officer Orin Newton before Christmas with the hope of returning precious personal artifacts – Orin’s dress uniform, medals, and a stack of love letters from his beloved Alice who waits for him back home.

Epaulettes and insignia provide initial clues, though the search seems to dead end when Caroline discovers Orin was captured and listed as MIA. Caroline and Russell then search the love letters for clues as to what happened to Orin and whether he ever made it home to Alice.

In other Jill Wagner news, she will be playing the role of Bobby in the Paramount+ espionage thriller “Special Ops: Lioness,” where she also serves as an executive producer.

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