Josh Seiter on overcoming rejection, turning it into a multimillion-dollar brand

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

Reality TV star Josh Seiter is an individual who overcame rejection and subsequently turned it into a multimillion dollar brand. #Powerjournalist has the scoop.

He even furnished his own advice for young content creators that wish to build their own brand(s).

After being eliminated from “The Bachelorette” after only two episodes, a lot of people saw it as the end of Seiter’s foray into the public consciousness; however, Seiter refused to be counted out so quickly. That experience lit a fire under him, and he began creating his own brand and content outside network television. Within three years, his online engagement was so high and controversial that he was making a great deal of money from the traffic being driven to his content pages.

Seiter expressed that it feels great to be one of the most popular and media-relevant male contestants from his season of “The Bachelorette.” Early on, so many people had counted him out as that guy who was “eliminated week one” on The Bachelorette. “I think it was that fear of quickly being forgotten which spurred me to want to remain relevant despite that setback,” he said.

“I enjoy seeing the influence my actions have across the gossip sites and tabloids, and the fact that I’m remembered now for my own brand instead of my tenuous connection to some old reality show is something I take pride in,” he added. 

For novice content creators, he encouraged them to find a unique niche in the social media landscape and subsequently exploit it until there is nothing left to exploit, especially since this is a “dog-eat-dog world” and if one doesn’t do it, then someone else will.

In the performance arena, he is humbled to be headlining the “America’s Loverboys” National Tour. Although he is one of the highest paid dancers in the industry (on this tour), he is extremely proud of the fact that in each city they visit and perform, they donate a large portion of the show’s proceeds to the local animal shelters. He added that the shows also double as food drives for these shelters.

He is constantly open and transparent about his struggles with anxiety and depression. He has actually been experiencing heightened levels of anxiety recently, which he feels is due to the pressure he puts on myself to be successful. He shared that it is always helpful to admit that he is struggling with anxiety even if it’s during an interview like this. Keeping those feelings locked up only exacerbates one’s latent anxiety and adds on secondary levels of anxiety. 

Seiter is on a national tour with “America’s Loverboys,” and he shared that the tickets are on Eventbrite, and he hopes to see fans and supporters come out and see them at a city near them.

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