Kristjan Podgornik, the go-to person for celebrities in the heart of Europe


Kristjan Podgornik and Will Smith

If a world-class celebrity visits Slovenia, this pocket-size country nestled between Italy, the Alps, and Mediterranean sea, chances are, their schedule includes spending some time with Kristjan Podgornik.

Podgornik is a young Slovenian entrepreneur, creative and business advisor. He’s also the founder of a celebrity concierge agency Unison and is personally involved in organizing tailor-made culinary and travel experiences at the highest level. His clients are among the world most renowned names that chose Slovenia as the next destination for their events or just pure hedonism.

During years of catering to the most demanding of wishes, he has hosted a myriad of stars, including the highly acclaimed actor John Malkovich, renowned tenors Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, and LMFAO rapper Redfoo. Being involved in the high-end social scene, Podgornik has also met Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson and a list of other celebrities.

Knowing his home country and its beauties inside-out, Podgornik knows what to offer and how to deliver the best experience possible, with a strong focus on the cuisine, hidden gems of nature, and creating unforgettable moments that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Creator of the world’s best gift

Apart from his celebrity management endeavours, Podgornik is also an avid entrepreneur and product designer. He is the founder and the mastermind behind what aims to be the world’s best gift, the Golden Experience extra virgin olive oil infused with gold flakes.

This prestigious treat has won numerous awards and has made its way to Michelin-star chefs, Hollywood stars, even to the current First Lady of the United States, Mrs Melania Trump.

But the Golden extra virgin olive oil is more than just a culinary treat.

It embodies the essence of the Golden Experience, enjoying life to its fullest, be it travel, Michelin-star cuisine, or the best company one could imagine. With strong attention to detail, the intent of gifting and overall experience, Podgornik equips every bottle of Golden oil with a personalized card and a message for the recipient.

The oil is cold-pressed in Istria, a peninsula in the Northernmost corner of the Mediterranean sea, a region ranked among the best in the world for olive oil production. And Podgornik pushed it a step further. He enriched what was one of the world’s best olive oils in itself by adding 24-karat gold flakes and packing it in a handmade velvet box with exquisite gold details.

But for him, it’s not only about what meets the eye. Podgornik created the Golden Experience brand with a focus on enjoyment and sharing. “Everyone who receives Golden Experience as a gift should host a culinary treat for their close ones, family and friends. Only by sharing an unforgettable experience, the Golden gift becomes true to its intent – perfection.”

Golden Experience Olive Oil

When it comes to exclusivity, Podgornik gets it

Being surrounded by beauty since the early age with the artworks in his father’s art gallery, Podgornik has sharpened his sense of aesthetics, exclusivity and craftsmanship.

Understanding the needs of the VIP segment while having access to the best of what Slovenia has to offer, Kristjan Podgornik aims to create the perfect experience for every guest, regardless of their preference.

After years of creating lasting memories for celebrities, influencers with global reach and successful entrepreneurs, he has remained in frequent contact with many of them, including Mohamed Hadid, Mario Balotelli, John Malkovich and many more. Podgornik knows that, especially in the times of travel restrictions, it’s the commitment and relationship that counts the most and will be the reason he remains the magnet for celebrities in Slovenia.

Kristjan Podgornik and John Malkovich


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