La La Land – A Modern Musical


La La Land is movie written and directed by Academy Award nominee Damien Chazelle.  La La Land tells story of a struggling actress (Mia played by Emma Stone) and a piano player (Sabastian played by Ryan Gosling).  The movie is set in today’s Los Angeles.

Mia run’s into Sabastian at an awkward moment and he is completely rude to her.  They meet again under better circumstances and a romance develops just as both of their careers are rising.  Conflict develops as they have less and less time for each other and they grow apart because of busy schedules.

The pace of the movie is somewhat slow at the beginning as they are developing the story between the two.  The pace picks up in the last part of the movie as we get to know the couple better.

This movie will probably not get well known as a Broadway tune but has some cute moments as their relationships grow and they become more successful. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone gave us some amazing performances the the choreography was wonderful.


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