New Ways to Sell Your Art Like Criss Bellini


He offers exclusive yet inexpensive artworks

Most looking for unique and high-quality artworks usually have to spend a lot of money to make the purchase. On the contrary, those who hunt for art pieces under a limited budget have to compromise exclusivity. This is a common problem that art enthusiasts face which Criss bellini is solving.

Anyone can get a hold of his eye-catching artworks for a reasonable price on the artist’s official website. The buyer won’t also have to worry about exclusivity anymore because Criss only creates about 250 copies for each artwork. When the limited releases get sold out, no one can ever get the exact painting anywhere else.

Sell on Instagram

Let’s say you’ve had your signature style and you know exactly what type of people end up liking and what they will purchase. The hard thing about being an artist is that most people don’t teach you how to become an actual entrepreneur or a business owner so that you can start accepting payments and make money off of your passion.

Any people in their creative just know the creative portion of it but don’t know the business aspect of it and that’s why there’s a lot of orders that are probably better than some of the people that you know of but will never be found because they don’t know how to market themselves and they don’t know how to sell the products.

So one of the things that we recommend is selling your stuff right on Instagram if you’re able to sell your stuff on Instagram then you’re able to get and leverage the power of social media which can be thousands to hundreds of millions of people I see your stuff and they can purchase right off of the platform and right into your bank.

Sell on Shopify

If let’s say you’re not able to sell on Instagram then what you need to do is figure out some sort of way to actually get your art onto a website so you can sell it be a Shopify. You can use Shopify you can use Etsy you can use any sort of platform that allows you to sell your artwork to the masses.

The reason, why this might be a little bit better than Instagram, is that you have actually more control over your products so that when people wanna purchase it you can use the discount code you can use coupons you can allow people to do many different things that you are not able to do with Instagram because you do not on that platform.

Getting Your Art in Art Museums

If you don’t have any social media one of the best ways that you can actually go ahead and sell your art is by selling it off to museums that you know your name. Seen many wealthy people go to art museums looking to purchase items from the gallery and that’s a good way to get your art known because if you’re able to sell to someone who is very wealthy that automatically put you on the same level playing field of other people who have done the same.

From there you can rinse and repeat the process to be able to sell high-level art pieces in artwork to high-level individuals.