Nic Murray talks about the Magic Men Australia international tour in Canada

Nic Murray
Nic Murray. Photo Credit: Jarrod Carter

Nic Murray chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about the upcoming Magic Men Australia international tour in Canada, which kicks off in May.

“I started with Magic Men when it all began and I was 18 living in Brisbane,” Murray said. “It has been seven long years with the company and I’ve been with them for the whole journey helping build from the bottom to the top.”

Murray is drawn to performing with Magic Men for several reasons. “I think the thing I love about Magic Men Australia personally is the culture that we have amongst all our teams in the different cities. You don’t have to be just a great performer but more importantly a good person to be welcomed into our crew. If you don’t fit this criteria then it’s a stern cross against your name when it comes to being a part of this nationwide team,” he said.

“It’s because of this rule that everyone gets amongst our touring and resident teams like best mates and we have the capability to and integrate effectively with Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and the Melbourne team when selecting members from each city for FIFO tours,” he added.

Murray had great words about the entire Magic Men cast. “All of these guys you have mentioned are absolute legends in my eyes and I would be lying if I said my most memorable tours haven’t included these superstars names. They all definitely bring different strengths to the table which is why we make such an effective team. In addition to not only comradery amongst us, these names you’ve mentioned are some of the biggest in the business and have joined me on countless nationwide tours & international shows,” he said. 

He is looking forward to the upcoming tour in Canada. “Canada is going to be one for the books, it’s Magic Men’s longest international tour to date and includes a chiseled, talented line up of some of the biggest names in Magic Men. All of us on this tour play to our different strengths and personalities on stage so all I can say it to expect the unexpected and get ready for us to blow the roof off with heated routines, incredible acro and an atmosphere that will leave you begging for more,” he said.

Regarding his daily motivations, Murray said, “Each day I wake up is a new challenge for me whilst I’m on this journey performing. I’m a driven individual that wants nothing but to provide the best show possible for our audiences and this is why I train and work as hard as I do for the business. What motivates me is working relentlessly to be at the top of my game but also to keep pushing the bar higher for all of the boys across the whole brand.”

Murray opened up about being a performer in the digital age. “This is a funny one,” he admitted. “I feel as though it hasn’t had an effect on our business negatively as people will always prefer to see a live show rather than something digital. Personally, I think the digital age has benefited our industry in terms of exposure over the internet with crazy routines and our wild personalities always gaining traction amongst these social media platforms. If anything this new day in age benefits individuals and businesses like us.”

On his definition of success, Murray said, “Success to me has never been reaching a point at which you believe you’re finally ‘successful’ but rather the journey of bettering yourself day by day. If you have this outlook on life then no matter what milestone you reach you keep pushing and eventually you will have advanced well past the point of success you could’ve ever imagined. It’s tunnel vision where you’re your only competition.”

For the dedicated Magic Men fans, Murray concluded, “To all the fans out there, we love you and thank you for our continued support. Without you guys there is no Magic Men and we can’t wait until we’re in your city and ready to rock the stage and shake the room down.”

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