Op-Ed: ‘To Leslie’ deserves recognition at the 2023 Academy Awards

Andrea Riseborough in 'To Leslie'
Andrea Riseborough in 'To Leslie.' Photo Courtesy of Momentum Pictures.

The film “To Leslie,” directed by Michael Morris, deserves recognition at the upcoming 2023 Academy Awards.

“To Leslie” takes place seven years after a lottery win ($190,000), and it deals with a West Texas single mother, Leslie (played by Andrea Riseborough) who is alone, living hard at the bottom of a bottle. With nowhere left to go, she is forced to come home, especially since her former friends Nancy (Academy Award winner Allison Janney) and Dutch (Emmy nominee Stephen Root) want nothing to do with her anymore. Leslie has to confront her past, and thus make a challenging choice.

A motel employee, Sweeney (Marc Maron), helps give her a second chance in an effort to reconcile with her son James, and ultimately, find redemption. Particularly impressive is the fact that it was inspired by true events.

The riveting trailer for “To Leslie” may be seen below:

Andrea Riseborough is mesmerizing as Leslie, and she nails every scene she is in. Marc Maron is a triumph as Sweeney, and Allison Janney and Stephen Root are sensational in their roles as Nancy and Dutch respectively. The entire cast is noteworthy, and the same holds true for its musical score.

Compliments to Ryan Binaco for writing such a captivating script, and to director Michael Morris for his vision and direction. Everybody in this film is Oscar-worthy in their own right. “To Leslie” is a compelling movie that should be experienced by all (over the age of 17).

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