Patrick Luwis talks about his latest acting projects

Leila George and Patrick Luwis in 'Animal Kingdom'
Leila George and Patrick Luwis in 'Animal Kingdom.' Photo Courtesy of TNT

Actor Patrick Luwis chatted about his latest acting projects, which include stints on “NCIS,” “The Dropout,” and “Animal Kingdom.”

“I have been doing well,” he admitted. “I’ve booked spots on the hit Hulu show ‘The Dropout’ and ‘NCIS’ on CBS, both of which were cool. My first TV experience was ‘The Dropout’ and that was great because Elizabeth Meriwether, who created ‘New Girl,’ wrote the first episode of ‘The Dropout.’ I love ‘New Girl’ so that was incredible to work on something that she worked on. I played Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend in that one and she was so sweet, and it was cool getting to know her.”

‘NCIS’ was the first guest star role that I have ever done. It allowed me to have two nice scenes opposite Wilmer Valderrama, who is known for playing Fez in the sitcom ‘That ’70s Show,’ and I grew up watching that.”

“Getting to work with Wilmer and getting to talk to him about that was so cool. Those were both great experiences and I am so grateful to have had them,” he added.

He noted that “The Gambler” was a short film where he played Kevin, which was directed by British filmmaker David Anderson. “That role was unlike I had ever done before. It was a fun project and it was great working with him. I basically played a henchman even though I don’t necessarily believe myself coming across as intimidating. It was a fun experience,” he said.

Luwis enjoyed being a part of “Animal Kingdom,” where he was privileged to work opposite Leila George. “I love that show, it’s a really cool show and I’ve had some friends on it. My brothers are huge fans of it so it was cool to play a part on there. My part was small but it’s such a badass show that it was exciting,” he said.

On his future plans, he revealed, “I have two movies coming out, one of which is Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon.’ This was the first year where I felt enough traction to have the confidence and experience to book something bigger or even lead a show or be a strong supporting character, so I am excited about what is coming up this year. It has been great and really fun.”

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