Josh Seiter reflects on this year’s Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter celebrating Valentine's Day. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter

Reality TV star Josh Seiter reflected on this year’s Super Bowl and he opened up about his Valentine’s Day prospects. He also underscored his work in the mental health field.

He expressed that Super Bowl Sunday was “great.” “The weather in Chicago was splendid and I spent the evening with my special Valentine at her friend’s home,” he said.

“There was lots of pizza, cupcakes, burgers, and snacks. The game was entertaining but I wasn’t a fan of Rihanna’s half-time show; or the commercials. I was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs so the game ended how I would have liked and predicted,” he said.

Seiter revealed that there is a new woman in his personal life. “Valentine’s Day is special for me because I’m spending it with my new girlfriend,” he said.

“She isn’t on television and I’m happy that I’ve moved away from dating reality stars and actresses. I haven’t introduced her publicly yet  but I plan to soon,” he added.

He acknowledged that they will most likely spend Valentine’s week in St. George, Utah. “That is where my family has a number of homes built into the red cliffs there on top of a golf course. As you can imagine, it’s very relaxing and idyllic. In fact you don’t have to imagine, since my family lives where ‘High School Musical 2’ was filmed. You can check out the film to see our neighborhood there,” he said.

A “Bachelorette” alum, Seiter is a huge proponent of mental health, and his work in that realm is still going strong. His Instagram page serves as a haven for people of all types to come and share their stories. He also find that in his day-to-day life his mental health work is always coming in handy, and rightfully so.

“You would be amazed how many editors and television personalities confide in me about their anxiety and mental health battles,” he said. “I think it is only a matter of time when the remaining stigma surrounding mental health fades away as more and more people come forward about their struggles.

“It’s not longer anything anyone needs to be ashamed of, as we all seem to struggle with it in one form or another,” he explained.

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