Ready Player One Tops 181 Millions Dollars World Wide

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow’s Ready Player One topped 181 million dollars worldwide with $53 million domestically over the weekend. Forty-one million of that came over the Easter Weekend.  In China the movie had Warner Bros. biggest opening ever with over $61 million.  This makes the movie Spielberg’s best opening since Indiana Jones 4.

Ready Player One takes place in a Virtual Reality World called the Oasis.  James Halliday the creator of the advanced world dies and leaves a video will.  In the will he states that there are three keys and the first person to key all the keys will inherit the Oasis, currently worth 500 billion dollars.

The 3-D version is getting a lot of praise from fans that say the movie is better id 3-D.  The more expensive 3-D tickets prices are giving Ready Player One an uptick in ticket sales

With a price tag of $175 million industry experts say that that Ready Player One would have to top $500 million to break even.


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