Remilia Hair Empowers Illuminous Shine In Every Hair, Heart, And Soul

Remilia Hair
Remilia Hair Cover; Photo Courtesy of HJ PR

Swapping cleaners can be a great addition to any hair care routine, and Remilia Hair understands the concept well. Therefore, it is their goal to provide products that actively address hair concerns and make a noticeable difference in hair health for all hair types. 

Remilia Hair produces high-quality, convenient hair care products that are easy to travel with, and develops and manufactures its products both in Los Angeles and Italy. For the transformation of your hair, it uses three ethically sourced ingredients. Remilia believes in providing non-toxic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable products that provide high-quality results. As another environmentally friendly initiative, the brand also offers biodegradable refill bags, which means you won’t have to worry about running out. 

The Cosmocap is their most popular product, which is a unique lightweight serum that instantly restores healthy, shiny hair to dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. In an algae-based capsule, the serum combines B5, keratin amino acids, and silk protein to hydrate, repair, strengthen, and reinforce hair for a glossy, full, smooth, and thick appearance. And with just one capsule, our heart already looks fresh and radiant! And don’t worry, the Cosmocap is suitable for both curly and straight hair as well as color-treated and natural hair. 

Eliran Luzon, CEO of Remilia Hair, was so gracious to speak with us about the reasons why Remilia Hair is one of the most sustainable brands in the hair world right now. Whether it’s branding and connectivity, production, or technology, Remilia Hair handles it all.

True Hollywood Talk: What inspired you to construct Remilia Hair and what can people look forward to it? 

Eliran: “Before Remilia, I was working in product development for a skincare company. Encapsulated skin serums and creams were always fascinating to me and the idea of perfectly proportioned treatments on the go sounded so good! Then there was that ‘aha’ moment – Why not do the same for hair? So it all started with The Cosmocap Hair Serum, one fun hair care product for everyone that can be used everywhere.”

THT: How does Remilia Hair’s process differ from other hair-repair products?

Eliran: “Remilia Hair is the sole brand that provides an eco-friendly hair serum, in a fun, twist-able manner. Our Cosmocap Hair Serum comes in 30 biodegradable capsules that are made of seaweed that you can take with you literally anywhere, whether it be to the gym, the office, or even a night out! The serum is made in Italy and is designed for all hair types, instantly increasing your hair’s shine, and reducing frizz and breakage. The capsules are pre-proportioned for medium-long hair and keep the formula fresh & potent for each and every use.”

Remilia Hair
Remilia Hair

THT: In what way has branding affected your day-to-day activities? Where does Remilia Hair get its inspiration for its commercial branding?

Eliran: “Our branding is our identity – It’s the personality that our customers have come to love! Branding plays an integral role in the day-to-day: we work with a creative agency that manages the consistency of our brand across all of our touchpoints from a simple social media post to the tiny details of our packaging so every aspect is cohesive & effective in communicating our personality to our Remilia Familia!”

THT: During your initial branding and implementation of Remilia Hair, what challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

Eliran: “While Remilia has maintained the same authentic brand values since its inception on sustainability, simplicity, and fun, we brought on the help of the creative agency we work with early on to help ensure our branding was effectively appealing to our audience. We could see that some of the initial branding elements were no longer engaging for our ever-growing audience and together, we made sure that the true personality of Remilia Hair and the vision for our brand were as strong as we envisioned on Day 1.”

THT: Your products have been selling at numerous stores, like Amazon! How did it feel the first time you got a big name like that to start selling your products?

Eliran: “With only one product and a limited marketing budget, Remilia Hair was able to create so much buzz on social media and get the attention of retailers such as urban outfitters, which made me feel SO proud! There is no bigger satisfaction than seeing your creation being loved and appreciated by many others.”

Visit Remilia at their website here to start ordering yourself some healthy and radiant formulas that your hair will certainly thank you for! You can also follow them on their social outlets below: 






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