Review: ‘A Belgian Chocolate Christmas’ is a film that will make you crave chocolates

Zane Stephens and Jaclyn Hales
Zane Stephens and Jaclyn Hales. Photo Credit: Great American Media.

“A Belgian Chocolate Christmas,” starring Zane Stephens and Jaclyn Hales, premiered on July 8 on Great American Family. #Powerjournlist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

This marks the first new original “Christmas in July” Great American Family production of 2023, and it is a real treat… literally.

The screenplay was written by Anna Rasmussen and directed by Maximilian Elfeldt.

The synopsis is: Photographer Kate (Jaclyn Hales) takes her best friend’s place at a Belgian chocolatier school during the holidays and connects with the head chocolatier leading the class. As romance begins to bloom, the only problem is a case of mistaken identity. It underscores such values as love, relationships, forgiveness, first impressions, and family.

Kate meets her new friend, Susan (Sarah Pribis), while in culinary school. The only problem is that Kate has not made any pastries herself, especially chocolates, in quite some time so she is apprehensive about completing this program.

Zane Stephens and the bubbly Jaclyn Hales have solid chemistry, and Stephens is the voice of reason as Mathias, the lead of the cholate class that she is enrolled in. From a writing perspective, it stands out because the dialogue is realistic and relatable.

Andrew Rogers delights as Pieter whose goal is to set up the quintessential first date spot for Kate and Mathias.

The Verdict

Overall, “A Belgian Chocolate Christmas” is heartwarming and will resonate with viewers. Not only will it put them in a Christmas spirit (five months earlier) but a Valentine’s Day spirit as well, since it will make all viewers want to crave Belgian chocolates.

Grab some popcorn and sweets, and let “A Belgian Chocolate Christmas” be your savory delight. It garners an A rating.