Reality star Josh Seiter expresses support for LGBTQ community, catapults in popularity

Josh Seiter
Josh Seiter. Photo Courtesy of Josh Seiter
Reality TV vet and social influencer Josh Seiter expresses his support for the LGBTQ community. As a result, he stood up to hate and just saw a doubling of his Instagram followers after his announcement that he is bisexual. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop. In June, just as Pride month began, one of the most controversial contestants to ever appear on “The Bachelorette,” Josh Seiter, announced to the world that he was bisexual. His announcement was met with widespread support, with magazines such as Out, Pride, Instinct, and Queerty throwing their support behind the reality TV alum. For Seiter, Pride Month was extremely meaningful this year, and he noted that it hits differently once you are openly part of the community and at peace. For Seiter, “Stand up to Hate” reinforces his belief that the more vocal one is about the freedom of themselves, then the less room there will be for hate. “Hate can only grow where silence lives. Silence nourishes hate. Hate can be curtailed and cut off at its roots simply by being vocal. It may take some time, but eventually the voices will drown out hate,” he said. In similar fashion, users on Instagram began flocking in droves to Seiter’s page, causing his following to jump from 202,000 to over 306,000 in a matter of weeks. Instagram wasn’t the only platform taking off for Seiter. His other content pages also place him in the top two percent of all content creators in the world. His plans for the future are to continue speaking up about LGBTQ issues, mental health, and body positivity. Just as being vocal can drown out hate, starting a dialogue around these issues can erase the stigma that often attaches to them. Asked about his recent popularity, Seiter quipped, “It’s very flattering. I’m just a kid from a small town. I never thought I would be the focus of media attention or making the kind of headlines I am. It’s very humbling.” So what’s responsible for Seiter’s appeal (beyond the obvious announcement about his sexuality?) A quick look at his Instagram page reveals the the heartthrob is exceptionally raw, honest and vulnerable about his struggles with depression and anxiety. Seiter’s Instagram page almost doubles as a sort of mental health catharsis, where followers can engage and comment about their own mental health journey. This honesty—in the otherwise vapid and shallow world of social media—has no doubt added to Seiter’s appeal. To learn more about Josh Seiter and his journey, follow him on Instagram.