Review: Trace Lysette is Oscar-worthy in the movie ‘Monica’

Trace Lysette
Trace Lysette. Photo Courtesy of IFC Films

Trace Lysette is Oscar-worthy for her acting work in the movie “Monica,” where she gives a knockout performance in the title role. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Lysette stars alongside such actors as Oscar nomineesPatricia Clarkson and Adriana Barraza, as well as Emily Browning, and Joshua Close. “Monica” was directed and co-written by Andrea Pallaoro.

In the film, Monica (portrayed Trace Lysette) returns home to care for her dying mother, Eugenia (Patricia Clarkson) who she hasn’t seen in years. This subtle and intricate family drama is about forgiveness, love, and affirmation.

Most impressive is the fact that it centers around a trans woman, and it is told from Monica’s own tortured viewpoint. Trace Lysette delivers this role with strength and conviction, and she works opposite the equally wonderful Patricia Clarkson; moreover, Lysette is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable, and in the end, Lysette’s vulnerability is the audience’s reward.

Lysette deserves to be up for a “Best Actress” Academy Award nomination next year, and should that happen, she would make cinematic history, and rightfully so.

The trailer for “Monica” may be seen below.