Review: Hugo’s Restaurant is an amazing eatery in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos
Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Hugo’s Restaurant is an incredible eatery located in the heart of Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

There are two locations, one in West Hollywood and another in Studio City. This journalist had the good fortune to dine in the West Hollywood location.

For Breakfast, one ought to try their “Chipotle Scramble,” which consists of scrambled scrambled with diced grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions, scallions, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and slightly spicy honey-chipotle sauce over corn tortillas, topped with sour cream.

The same holds true for their exquisite “Pasta Mama,” which is sheer bliss. “Pasta Mama” is made up of fresh pasta scrambled with eggs, garlic, parsley, Parmesan cheese and Hugo’s special seasoning. Their “Papa Mama” alone is a reason good enough to visit Hugo’s in Los Angeles.

Papa Mama at Hugo's
Papa Mama at Hugo’s. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Their Caesar Salad with chicken is the quintessential salad side dish. It features chopped romaine cut and tossed with garlic-herb croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Caesar Salad with Chicken at Hugo's
Caesar Salad with Chicken at Hugo’s. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Equally eclectic is their “Power of Green Salad” with grilled chicken breast slices, chopped spinach, leafy greens, green beans, brocolli, asparagus, dried cherries and avocado.

Power of Green Salad at Hugo's
Power of Green Salad at Hugo’s. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Vegetarians and vegans will certainly enjoy their homemade spaghetti tossed with organic marinara and diced tomatoes. Parmesan cheese is available upon request.

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Main courses

For entrees, one can’t go wrong with their “Flat Iron Steak,” which is comprised of tender steak marinated with citrus and garlic.; moreover, it is served with avocado-jalapeno sauce, organic mashed potatoes, mushrooms and onions, and steamed broccoli.

Flat Iron Steak at Hugo's
Flat Iron Steak at Hugo’s, Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Their “Turkey Meatloaf” is also noteworthy since it is served with mushroom herb gravy and organic mashed potatoes and a steamed vegetable medley.

Turkey Meatloaf
Turkey Meatloaf. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos


While dining at Hugo’s one should also make room for dessert. Their “Chocolate Mousse” is fresh and divine, especially since it is prepared with the finest dark chocolate. It is topped with whipped cream and garnished with vegan chocolate chips and a mint leaf.

Chocolate Mousse at Hugo's
Chocolate Mousse at Hugo’s. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Their “Chocolate Pancakes” were also memorable, where they consisted of chocolate chips and dusted with powdered sugar; moreover they were served with hot chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

The Verdict

Overall, Hugo’s Restaurant in West Hollywood is an exceptional eatery, and a neat gem. There is something new to try at every visit due to its elaborate menu listings. It is reasonably-priced and the portions are generous. Particularly impressive about Hugo’s is that meets all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, soy-free and gluten-free.

This restaurant has a warm and pleasant ambiance, which is ideal for the entire family. The wait staff is highly professional, swift, and attentive. It is worth the trip to Sunset Strip. Prepare to be blown away. Hugo’s Restaurant in West Hollywood garners an A rating.

To learn more about Hugo’s Restaurant, check out its official website, and follow Hugo’s on Instagram.