Review: Jake Ybarra releases debut studio album ‘Something in the Water’

Jake Ybarra
Jake Ybarra. Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Avenue Pictures

Singer-songwriter Jake Ybarra released his debut studio album “Something in the Water.” #Powerjournalist has the scoop.

He wrote all 10 tracks on this record by himself. It opens with the mid-tempo “Late November,” and it is followed by the spitfire “BloodFire,” which has an outlaw vibe to it, as well as the poignant ballad “Savannah’s Song.”

Ybarra picks up the pace with “A Whole Lot To Remember” and he slows down the tempo on “Long Winter.” Equally noteworthy are “Call Me By My Name,” which seems semi-autobiographical, and the stirring title track “Something In The Water.”

After the acoustic ballad “Disappear,” it closes with “No Reason or Right” and on an uplifting note with the joyous “Silly Little Things.”

“Something in the Water” is available on digital service providers by clicking here. It garners two thumbs up.

The Verdict

Overall, Jake Ybarra’s new album “Something in the Water” is compelling with a neotraditional country vibe to it, featuring his rich, rumbling voice. He allows his sincere storytelling ability to shine on this record. There is a lot of variety on this musical effort, and it will certainly resonate well with his fans. He stands out as a promising new artist and his music is worth checking out.