Review: ‘Lone Star’ is an amazing new production directed by Joe Rosario

Matt de Rogatis, Ryan McCartan and Dan Amboyer
Matt de Rogatis, Ryan McCartan and Dan Amboyer. Photo by Miles Skalli

“Lone Star,” directed by Joe Rosario is an incredible new Off-Broadway show that is being performed at Theatre Row up until December 23rd. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

It takes viewers to 1970s Maynard, Texas, where we get to meet our characters Elizabeth (played eloquently by Ana Isabelle), as well as Roy (Matt de Rogatis) and Ray (Dan Amboyer). Matt de Rogatis is convincing as the alcoholic with PTSD, and equally noteworthy is Dan Amboyer as Ray, his younger brother. Ryan McCartan is absolutely hilarious as Cletis.

It has neat archived footage from the Vietnam War, which adds to its authenticity. The graphic novel illustrations are an added bonus.

“Lone Star is raw, hilarious, and provocative,” said Dar Dowling, fan and attendee. “In particular, Ana Isabelle’s performance is absolutely exquisite making ‘Lone Star’ a must see.”

In summation, “Lone Star” is a well-crafted Off-Broadway production from start to finish. Everybody in the cast excels in their own unique way. The late playwright James McLure would be proud. It is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners two thumbs up.

For more information on the Off-Broadway production of “Lone Star,” check out its official website.