Review: ‘Meeting Mr. Christmas’ is a new holiday film that will melt hearts

'Meeting Mr. Christmas'
'Meeting Mr. Christmas' official cover art

“Meeting Mr. Christmas,” starring Madison Smith and Greta Carew-Johns, is a sweet new holiday film, which was written and directed by Laura Mitchell.

In “Meeting Mr. Christmas,” a popular travel blogger Sophie Montgomery (Greta Carew-Johns) has negative impressions of Christmas but they are challenged when she must team up with the “holiday-loving” town doctor, Dr. Finn Miller (Madison Smith) in order to save her family’s annual Christmas event. “Running away from Christmas is a massive part of my brand,” Sophie noted in the film.

It is a heartwarming movie that is recommended for the entire family. Greta Carew-Johns is impressive in her role and Madison Smith is a revelation as Dr. Finn. They both have great chemistry together, and that translates well onscreen. It ought to be enjoyed for its beauty and simplicity, and it garners two giant thumbs up.

Most recently, Madison Smith was featured on “Live on Air with Steven Cuoco” where he spoke about his new film, and their conversation may be heard below.

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