Review: ‘Ms. Match’ is a new romantic comedy on E! Network

'Ms. Match'
'Ms. Match.' Photo Courtesy of E! Network

“Ms. Match” is a new romantic comedy on the E! Network. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

Lucie Guest directed the movie from a script by Janae Bakken. The cast of includes Anja Savcic, Shannon Chan-Kent, Riun Garner, Madison Smith, Brad Harder, Sachin Sahel, Bethany Brown and Jay Hindle, among others.

In “Ms. Match,” Anja Savcic plays Athena, a woman who is unlucky in the love department. She is single and working for a dating company that teaches people how to improve their relationship skills.

After going on dates every night under the alias “Amy,” she becomes so comfortable being her alter-ego that she no longer knows how to date as Athena. 

Athena had a severe break-up with her college boyfriend, so she moves to Los Angles to jumpstart her writing career. But five years later, she has not realized her personal or professional goals. When her ex-boyfriend suddenly returns, things only get more complicated and Athena must figure out what she really wants—and who she really is.

Everybody brings something unique to this film. Kudos to Anja Savcic, Shannon Chan-Kent, Madison Smith, and Brad Harder for all of their charming lead acting performances. This movie is fun rom-com escapism.