Review: Nostalgia is an exquisite new venue on Long Island

Nostalgia. Photo Courtesy of Shawn O'Connor

Nostalgia, located in the heart of Bethpage, is an exquisite new venue on Long Island that helps put people into a ’90s time warp. This new restaurant and bar took over the former One Eye Jacks, which was a past recipient of “Best Bar on Long Island.”

It is co-owned by Shawn O’Connor and Tom Angenbroich. Its capacity holds 100 patrons, and it offers Pac-Man machines and a place where people can play Nintendo games; moreover, there is a back patio and a place where patrons can post for ’90s-themed photo opportunities.

It has an elaborate menu of food, beverages, drinks, and even more artistic and creative decor. It has a pleasant atmosphere and a nonchalant vibe to it. Its giant TV screens consist of classic movies, TV sitcoms, and cartoons (“Rugrats”) from that era. The food feels like it just came out of the oven of one’s junior high school or high school cafeteria, and that is indeed quite an impressive throwback.

Nostalgia is timely and relevant. It offers trivia nights on Wednesdays (such as “Boy Meets World”), and karaoke on Sundays. The items on the food menu pay tribute to the ’90s such as “Tommy’s Fried Pickles” and pizza roll Reptar Bites (“Rugrats”), Chubbie’s Famous Burger (“Boy Meets World”), and each pizza is named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (such as Leonardo veggie lover and the Donatello meat lovers pizza), and Chef Forky’s Cheese Pizza.

It offers a neat array of burgers such as the “Good Burger,” as well as the popular “Mondo Burger” and “Chubbies Famous.” Their chicken sandwiches are just as tasty.

People can also enjoy Mighty Morphin’ Jell-O Shot flights (red, blue, yellow, pink, and green) or they can drink Duff Beer (“The Simpsons”). Their noteworthy drinks include the Mambo No. 5, the Shermanator, and Semi-Charmed Kind of Ice.

Long Island radio and music personality Nick Tangorra of WBLI 106.1 remarked, “How lucky are we to have such a cool bar like this on Long Island? Covered in incredible decor that pays homage to the 90s, it’s like stepping into a time machine! This is a must-see spot and an absolute hidden gem.”

Nostalgia garners two giant thumbs up. To learn more about this new venue, follow Nostalgia on Instagram.