Review: ‘Paper Tiger’ is a compelling film starring Lydia Look

Lydia Look and Elaine Kao in 'Paper Tiger'
Lydia Look and Elaine Kao in 'Paper Tiger.' Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

Acclaimed actress Lydia Look (“General Hospital”) stars as Lily in the gripping film “Paper Tiger,” which was expertly shot and written by Paul Kowalski.

She delivers a bold and transformative performance in the lead role. The cast also features such gifted actors as Alan Trong, Elaine Kao, Seth Numrich, Lynn Chen, John Harlan Kim, Kevin David Lin, and Carrie Wampler.

What makes it even more appealing is that it was inspired by true events. The synopsis is: An immigrant mother fears her mentally-ill teenaged son is turning into a school shooter. Paul Kowalski is able to push the envelope as a filmmaker and as a storyteller with this intense film.

Look’s performance runs the gamut in this important film that is needed to be told. It is controlled, unapologetic, and brave, while Alan Trong steals the scene in a breakout performance as Edward.

With this significant independent movie, Look proves that she is one of the most underrated Asian-American actresses of our generation. It felt like watching “Memoirs of a Geisha” all over again, and Lydia Look is our Gong Li! It raises social awareness on a bunch of relevant social issues (such as gun violence), and it garners an A rating.