Review: Ronn Moss releases highly-eclectic album ‘Surprise Trip Love’

Ronn Moss
Ronn Moss official album cover art

Actor and musician Ronn Moss (“The Bold and The Beautiful” fame) releases his latest studio offering, “Surprise Trip Love,” which is highly eclectic.

It opens with the midtempo “Just A Little,” which instantly lures listeners in this musical effort, and it is followed by “What To Do,” which has a stirring vibe to it and a neat groove, and he picks up the pace with “Rising Tide.”

“Crazy For You” allows his harking voice to shine, and he will make listeners clap and sing along with him on “Money For Nothing.” The title track ballad “Surprise Trip Love” ought to be enjoyed for its honesty, simplicity, and beauty. “Breathing In” is yet another refreshing and polished track, and equally noteworthy are “Just Once More” and “Loving Life.”

After the poignant ballad “Follow Your Heart,” it closes with “Io Che Amo Solo Te,” sung in Italian, and on a liberating note with “Vado a vivere in puglia,” where he is joined by Tiziano Cavaliere and Mitch Dj, and he leaves his listeners wanting to hear more.

The Verdict

Overall, “Surprise Trip Love” is a keeper. Ronn Moss is not afraid to keep the envelope and he is able to redefine what it means to embrace a renaissance in both America and Italy. Every song on here has its own identity, and there are not filler tracks. This collection garners two giant thumbs up.

“Surprise Trip Love” is available on Apple Music by clicking here.

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