Review: ‘The Last Deal,’ starring Anthony Molinari, is a high-octane thriller

'The Last Deal'
'The Last Deal.' Photo Courtesy of 'The Last Deal.'

“The Last Deal” is a high-octane crime thriller starring Anthony Molinari, and it is available digitally as of February 7th. Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

The synopsis is: a black market marijuana dealer tries to make one final score before getting squeezed out of the business when cannabis becomes legal.

Anthony Molinari steals every scene he is in as Vince, and he is able to humanize his complex character, and he makes his pleasant to be around. It was inspired by true events, and it scrutinizes the fallout of pot legalization in the “Golden State” of California all told from the viewpoint of a black market dealer who is coming to terms with the possible demise of his weed empire.

The movie captures the moral conscience of a drug dealer in a raw and unflinching manner, especially since Vince is risking everything for this “last deal,” which might have repercussions. It displays Vince’s battle to resolve his inner conflicts.

Mister Fitzgerald soars as Vincent’s right-hand man and hitman Bobby, while Conner Floyd (“The Young and The Restless”) is also noteworthy as Marcus, and Clark Moore is impressive as Gerald. The characters have solid chemistry amongst them.

Everybody in the cast is able to offer something unique to this high-adrenaline movie, and they are able to breathe life into their characters without upstaging anyone; moreover, it does not get too preachy.

The screenplay by Jonathan Salemi is well-crafted since it will get people talking about important social issues such as the challenges that come with marijuana legalization, which is a topic that is timely and relevant especially in our day and age. Even though it moves at a fast pace, Salemi deserves to be commended for giving every member of the cast their own unique characterization.

Most importantly, this film showcases the protagonist’s quest for redemption, in an effort to find fulfillment in his personal life, without the need to resist temptation.

The twists in the plot will certainly keep the audience engaged, and at the edge of their seats. It is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners four out of five stars.