Review: Tim Rozon of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ featured in ‘The Donna Drake Show’ on CBS New York

Tim Rozon in 'SurrealEstate.'
Tim Rozon in 'SurrealEstate.' Photo Courtesy of SYFY

Canadian actor Tim Rozon was recently featured in “The Donna Drake Show” on CBS New York. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

A two-time Telly award-winning TV host, Donna Drake and Tim Rozon spoke about learning different dialects, his time on “Schitt’s Creek,” and his reunion with co-star Sarah Levy on “Surreal Estate.”

Both Rozon and Drake recently celebrated their birthdays, and Rozon shared that his went well, with the exception of having a flat tire.

He also spoke about the second season of his Syfy series “SurrealEstate.” “This is my third Syfy show back to back,” he said. “This is what I got into acting for… to have fun, pretend and play make believe. It’s super fun,” he admitted.

Rozon also discussed being reunited with Sarah Levy for “SurrealEstate.” “She is so wonderful and fun,” he admitted. “One of the best humans around. We had a blast the whole time.”

He recalled his time on “Schitt’s Creek,” where he played the role of Mutt Schitt. Rozon knew immediately that he was a part of something special as part of “Schitt’s Creek,” especially with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in the cast. “Dan Levy was really special, that was his show through and through. Everybody gravitated towards his ideas and they were good,” he said.

Rozon also praised Annie Murphy for winning a Primetime Emmy Award for playing Alexis Rose in “Schitt’s Creek.” “Annie is one of my favorite people ever, and I am so proud of her,” he said. “She deserves it more than anybody in the entire world. I love her so much,” he admitted.

Donna Drake and Tim Rozon’s informed conversation may be seen below.

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