Say Goodbye to Dev Shops: Hire Full-Time Developers Directly with Distro


Outsourcing development to unreliable third-party development shops can result in a series of challenges, including constant back-and-forth, never-ending delays, and subpar quality. Dev shops are also incentivized to hire the cheapest labor possible since they charge their clients at a fixed rate. Extensive studies have highlighted the difficulties that businesses often encounter when working with external development teams. However, there is a superior solution available: Distro, an innovative platform that seamlessly connects startups and businesses with highly skilled software developers in over 200 countries.

Distro sets itself apart from other platforms by revolutionizing the way you engage with remote developers. It offers a transformative experience, enabling you to easily identify top-tier talent, hire them directly, and efficiently manage your projects. But the most promising aspect of Distro is you only pay when you successfully hire someone. Allowing you to align your investment with concrete results.

Let’s dive into why Distro is the ultimate solution for all your development needs:

No Contracts, No Risk 

Unlike traditional recruitment platforms that lock you into long-term contracts, Distro offers flexibility. You have the freedom to hire and fire as needed, just like you would in the US. There’s no risk involved. With Distro, you can save up to 30% on hiring costs and maintain complete control over your recruitment process. If a developer doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily find another one through Distro.

Direct Hire 

Distro establishes direct connections between you and full-time developers, bypassing unnecessary intermediaries. By eliminating the middleman, Distro allows you to onboard the best talent directly onto your team, fostering a robust working relationship. This direct engagement guarantees the delivery of high-quality work within stipulated timelines. Collaboration with unfamiliar Developers and individuals will no longer be an issue. With Distro, you possess the power to choose who you work with, meticulously assessing candidates who align perfectly with your company’s vision before making a hiring decision. 

Competitive Pricing 

When it comes to pricing, Distro offers a highly competitive structure for its services. Before hiring anyone, you can see the total monthly cost of hiring a developer, which includes Distro’s fee. The fee is baked into the monthly cost, and Distro automates payroll to the Developers They hire in over 200 countries, so you know that the money you pay goes to the right people. This approach allows you to save money by hiring developers willing to accept a project at a lower price point without compromising quality. Additionally, with Distro, there are no additional fees or hidden charges to worry about. 

As a customer, you choose our budget. You will only receive matched candidates that fall within your budget. This helps keep your budget on track, yet you will still get candidates.

Social Proof 

Distro takes pride in the success stories of its satisfied customers. They regularly update their social media accounts with new customer welcomes and share case studies showcasing their accomplishments. Furthermore, they prominently display the logos of some of their esteemed customers on their website. With Distro, you don’t have to solely rely on their word for it. You can see for yourself why their customers are incredibly satisfied with their services.

Distro understands the value of time when it comes to finding and hiring developers. Their data shows that customers can quickly discover suitable candidates using their platform. They have even helped customers who needed to speed up their hiring process due to slow feedback or scheduling interviews.

In conclusion, Distro is the ultimate solution for all your development needs. Say goodbye to unreliable dev shops and say hello to a platform that offers you the best talent, direct hire options, competitive pricing, and social proof. Find the perfect developer for your team by visiting our website today and start hiring the perfect match!