How 4moms is Boosting Parents’ Wellbeing


The company 4moms has an innovative strategy to help newborns, as well as their moms and dads, sleep well. 4moms has transformed the baby gear industry by leveraging technology and user-centered design to create products that dramatically improve the lives of parents. And their approach to sleep has once again revolutionized the game.

 Parents spend an average of six weeks of sleepless nights in the first year with their newborns. To combat this loss of rest, parents are always searching for products that can help their baby sleep better. 4moms’ sleep solution is their MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. This product has five unique, parent-inspired motions to help calm and soothe babies on a safe, flat sleeping surface. It also has four built-in white noises (rain, ocean, fan, and a shush). Parents can control all of these functions via the 4moms app on a compatible smart device. The app also includes a timer that mothers can use to help establish a bedtime routine.

This allows parents to sleep soundly, knowing their baby will be safe and comfortable from naptime to bedtime.

The founder of Dream Baby Sleep, Carolynne J. Harvey, says this bassinet is truly innovative for new parents. The product further adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It allows an infant to have safe space in the same room as the parents but not the same bed as AAP recommends.

The 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is also parent-activated, meaning a parent controls all the motions, speeds, and sounds. Parents start to learn their babies ‘ cries and understand what they need. This allows the parent to be highly involved in the baby’s sleep journey. This innovation is a helpful solution for newborn parents. They can rest assured that their baby is getting the best sleep possible.  Learn more about 4moms at