Janet Krebs: Parentshift – Leading the Way in Parenting


In an intimate conversation with Janet Krebs, a passionate advocate for redefining the role of parenting, it becomes clear that her journey is far from conventional. Janet, a mother herself, openly shares her personal evolution from a self-reliant teenager to a reluctant mother, eventually embracing the profound responsibility that comes with parenthood.

“I practically raised myself since I was 13. So who was I to think that I would be any good at being a mom?” Janet confesses with a smile, highlighting the vulnerability that many parents may feel but rarely express. Her journey took a transformative turn just before her thirtieth birthday when she joined the majority, the 94% who say ‘yes’ to being a parent.

Janet vividly describes the whirlwind that ensued when she and her husband welcomed Benjamin into their lives. The chaos of Band-aids, haircuts, and daily dinner decisions became the backdrop of their parenting adventure. With a hint of nostalgia, she shares the universal experience of navigating the daily challenges of parenthood, acknowledging that it’s a busy, sometimes overwhelming journey.

But Janet’s story takes an unexpected turn as she draws parallels between her experience as a parent and her previous life in corporate leadership. “My time at home with Ben reminded me of my former life in corporate leadership,” she reflects. A revelation that led her to recognize a striking overlap in the characteristics required for both roles.

“I wasn’t just a mom. I was a leader,” Janet declares. With conviction, she asserts that parenting is the ultimate leadership role, a perspective often overlooked in a society that tends to measure success by professional accomplishments rather than familial bonds.

In her mission to elevate parenting to a primary leadership role, Janet emphasizes the need to break free from the conventional mindset that relegates family responsibilities to the background. “More often than not, we look at our success based on the accomplishments listed on our resume. Yet, it’s family that we speak about mostly at the eulogy,” she points out, urging a paradigm shift in our approach to success.

As Janet passionately describes her mission, it becomes evident that she is on a quest to address a pressing issue—mental health addiction. “I am on a mission to elevate parenting back to a primary leadership role so that we feel confident and empowered to take action against this mental health addiction,” she states emphatically. Janet believes that by prioritizing and protecting families, and ensuring they feel seen, heard, and connected, we can combat the growing mental health crisis.

“Let’s build our priorities again based on values, legacy, traditions, and what it means to be home,” Janet urges. In a world that is constantly changing, Janet insists that our children are yearning for leadership from their parents. She calls for a collective effort to make a shift, to prioritize family once again.

As she concludes, Janet leaves a powerful message: “In this ever-changing world, our kids are begging us to take the lead. Let’s raise tomorrow together.” Her words resonate with the urgency of the moment, a call to action for parents to embrace their roles not just as caregivers but as leaders shaping the future.

In the captivating story of Janet Krebs, we find not just a mother but a leader who is determined to redefine the narrative of parenting. Through her unique perspective, she challenges us to acknowledge the significance of parenting as a leadership role and inspires a collective effort to prioritize family in an increasingly fast-paced world.