4 Tips By Henry Camacho On Building A 7 Figure Revenue Marketing Company


Starting a company is tough. Building it to the point of it reaching the prestigious award of ranking on the INC 5000 is even tougher. Even so, many companies have achieved this goal and it is possible. Henry Camacho, the founder of JOY MD, is a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in branding and marketing. He honed his digital marketing expertise working several years for Charles Schwab, a top five brokerage house in the US and leading enterprise class marketing programs with million dollar budgets. However, even after leading a successful career in the marketing industry, Camacho knew he was meant for more. That’s when he decided to start his own company, Med Aesthetics Group, to build something that would have a greater impact and help small business owners reach their goals.

With his marketing and leadership skills, Camacho founded and led the company as CEO from the ground up to generate over $2,000,000 in annual revenue within a span of three years. This came with a plethora of other successes, including being ranked in the INC’s 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies—an honor that many entrepreneurs strive for when growing their business. Camacho is also part of LBAN’s Stanford Program which is comprised of the top 3 percent of LatinX CEO’s in the U.S. 

Henry Camacho’s pursuit for personal and professional growth has set him apart from other entrepreneurs in the marketing and medical space. Camacho shared his story with us and his essential tips on building a seven figure marketing company that he learned along his journey.

Drive and Persistence

Being a successful entrepreneur in a highly competitive industry like marketing is demanding and time-consuming. Camacho notes that to see his business have the success it did, he had to make it his main focus.

With immense drive has to come the capacity to accept and expect failure when starting a business–so persistence is key, according to Camacho. The pressure of getting a business off the ground and running it can kill even the most motivated entrepreneur’s drive, but every business owner has to find what keeps their drive alive. 

“Picking up the phone the first time to cold-call a potential client was difficult,” Camacho says. Letting down your guard and not being afraid of rejection is a huge step in building the determination that sets apart leadership and successful business owners. 

Create Marketing Services and Products Your Clients Need

Before you think of getting on that INC 5000 list, you have to have a solid marketing service offering. Meaning, your clients see value in paying you and paying again for your service. So first and foremost, focus on delivering results. If you deliver exceptional services to your clients that drives leads and revenue, growth for your own business will happen. You aren’t going to get to that seven figure mark without driving results for your clients. Mediocre marketing services that you see offered by low-cost agencies may seem prosperous, but those companies don’t last long. Focus on elevating your standard, and success will follow

Establish Branding and Credibility

Online media has proved to be a very important tool to entrepreneurs when it comes to marketing. In today’s world you have to have a very strong brand for anyone to take you or your business seriously. To get the credibility you need, you have to maintain a strong media presence. Those that make it in entrepreneurship utilize the media to showcase their businesses and ideas to their current and potential customers. 

Your website is the baseline for potential clients, so make it count. Your website should showcase your brand and include professional content. Your clients bounce around before signing up for your marketing services, so make sure your website has substance to it in terms of written content that is professional and establishes credibility. List any associations or certifications your company has. If you don’t have any, go get them. Potential clients want to know you have the experience to back your claims up.

Targeting a specific audience helps create your own niche marketing company. However, more importantly it allows you to grow your domain expertise in one vertical. Running a great marketing program starts with understanding the business and how to market them. It’s tough if you’re marketing 10 to 15 different business models without heavily increasing your head count. Better yet, try to focus on a few verticals while you nail down your processes before taking an all-in approach. 


If your business is growing and you’re approaching the seven figure revenue mark, it’s time to consider scaling your offers. Your current customers are the most important, as they are the ones that have fueled your growth. Make sure that throughout your scaling process, you create offers that will appeal to your existing clients. They know that other marketing companies exist, so remind them why yours is superior and why ceasing a relationship with you would be damaging to their brand and revenue. Value a current client just as much as a new client and you’ll reach growth you won’t believe. 

As your business grows, so will you. Your team may get larger and you may find yourself taking on new leadership roles and responsibilities you didn’t expect. Learn how to outsource or delegate more tasks so you can focus on growth and streamline your processes with project management software. Always be detailed when delegating so that nothing gets lost and every client receives the same level of results and service.

“A growing business creates change in every aspect,” Camacho notes. “You’ll face new problems and challenges, but the entire experience is so rewarding.”


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