DJ Turns CEO: How Sebastian Mourra’s Entrepreneurial Journey Led to the Inc 5000


Did you know that only 1 in 10 startups succeed? Despite the odds, there are entrepreneurs like Sebastian Mourra who have defied the statistics and achieved incredible success. From humble beginnings, Sebastian’s entrepreneurial journey has led him to become one of the most coveted in his space. 

Everything began in high school where he launched multiple businesses, including a marketing design company called AllOut Graphx, a pro audio business called Immense Pro Audio, and two nightclub promotions companies: AllOut Entertainment and Krazy Entertainment, which hosted events and nightclubs throughout Miami. AllOut Graphx offered graphic design, web development, and print services, which allowed Sebastian to diversify his income sources. By pitching his services to customers who needed them, he continued building his business without needing a traditional job. During his college years, Sebastian met music business students who required his services, such as creating album covers, flyers, and websites. Through word-of-mouth marketing, his business grew, solidifying the presence of AllOut Graphx among his successful ventures.

From Music Industry to Entrepreneurship

Sebastian has a diverse background in the music industry, having previously worked with AllOut Entertainment, Krazy Entertainment, and as a DJ. At Universal Music Group, he brought his experience and expertise to a different side of the music business, specifically the expanding digital department. During his tenure from 2008 to mid-2013, Sebastian played a crucial role in developing digital strategies and navigating the rapidly changing landscape of the music industry. He was instrumental in helping Universal adapt to the decline of physical sales and the emergence of digital platforms. As a result of his contributions, Sebastian helped position Universal as a leader in the digital space and played a key role in the company’s success.

In 2012, he co-founded Razz Interactive, a digital marketing and software development agency that offers web design, software development, branding, and more. With a strong foundation in both music and business, Sebastian has since gone on to achieve great success as a founder and CEO.  

Sebastian’s journey highlights the importance of having multiple income sources and networking to grow a business. His success in the music business came from innovating in the music industry and creating and executing global marketing strategies. These efforts made a traditional job unnecessary for income generation. Sebastian’s experience shows that with hard work, dedication, and willingness to take risks, anyone can achieve entrepreneurial success. By pursuing your passions and taking calculated risks, you can build a thriving business and achieve financial independence.

Revolutionizing the Digital Experience: The Birth of Razz Interactive

In 2012, Sebastian Mourra along with his co-founders, started Razz Interactive out of their kitchen table. They had the vision to revolutionize the digital experience by offering immersive web and mobile experiences to progressive companies. Their focus was to provide a mobile-first approach to their services, which was still an up-and-coming trend at the time.

Their first clients were none other than enterprise giants like Universal Music Group and Corona. They quickly gained a reputation in the music industry and worked with various record labels, global recording artists, and even real estate and telecommunication companies. While Razz initially focused on progressive organizations and enterprise clients such as Universal, Corona, and Sprint, their passion for innovation and building proprietary products and technology led them to spin off individual ventures like Zeki and Ezio.

Sebastian was the tech visionary behind the company, while his co-founders brought expertise in creative design, operations, digital marketing, and sales. Together, they worked tirelessly to discover new technology and tools that could enhance their services and improve their clients’ digital experience

Razz Interactive may have started small, but their ambition and hard work propelled them to the top. Their commitment to providing exceptional digital experiences to their clients, no matter the size of the business, is what made them stand out in the industry.

More Than Just SEO and Email Marketing

Razz Interactive is a unique digital marketing agency that has gained recognition for creating innovative and proprietary technology that helps businesses succeed. While they offer services such as search engine optimization and email marketing, their true passion lies in designing custom apps, building user-friendly websites, and providing outstanding brand, design, and product UX/UI.

What sets Razz Interactive apart is its willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry. This drive for innovation stems from the entrepreneurial journey of the founder, Sebastian, who discovered his love for music and tech in college. Together with his team, they have built a reputation for excellence and dedication to their clients.


Sebastian Mourra’s journey to becoming the CEO of Razz Interactive was fueled by his expertise in recognizing and partnering with talented individuals to create a successful agency. Their strategic approach to marketing and innovation helped them stand out in the competitive digital marketing industry, and they were able to apply their knowledge from the music industry to other verticals such as real estate, spirits, gaming, and telecommunications.

As a result, Razz Interactive became one of the fastest-growing companies and made the Inc 5000 list. Their aggressive growth year over year, coupled with launching campaigns that touched millions of people, scaling their team, operations, and partners, were key factors in their success.

Their journey is a true testament to the power of strategic thinking, innovative ideas, and targeted marketing. It inspires others to follow their dreams and to be persistent in pursuing their goals.