Review: Zach Bryan rocks hard at UBS Arena in New York

Zach Bryan performing live
Zach Bryan performing live. Photo Credit: Trevor Pavlik.

Grammy award-winning country superstar Zach Bryan headlined the UBS Arena in New York on Saturday, March 30th, for a sold-out audience.

Bryan kicked off his set with “Overtime,” which was met with a raucous response, and he immediately broke into “Open the Gate,” “God Speed” and “The Great American Bar Scene,” the latter of which he dedicated to the local audience.

Other standout tunes included “Fifth of May,” “Oklahoma City,” “Deep Satin,” “East Side of Sorrow,” “Condemned,” “Oklahoma Smokeshow,” and “Dawns,” thus proving that his music is quite diverse and eclectic.

It was evident over the course of the night that Zach Bryan had the Long Island audience at the palm of his hands. Ever gracious, he expressed his gratitude to the crowd that gathered to see him in this packed venue.

A highlight moment was when he performed his Grammy-winning duet “I Remember Everything,” where he was able to send chills down his listeners spines. He picked up the pace with the up-tempo “Heavy Eyes” prior to slowing things down with the acoustic driven “Heading South.” Equally noteworthy was “Burn, Burn, Burn,” where he showcases his storytelling ability like no other.

After “Hey Drive,” he closed with “Jake’s Piano” and “Quittin’ Time,” where he left his fans wanting to hear more.

Fortunately, there was more! He returned for an encore, which featured “Revival,” where he brought out Pete Alonso of the New York Mets, which was an added treat.

The only downside was that he didn’t perform “Something in the Orange” this evening, however, the 25 songs that he did play live made up for it.

Zach Bryan’s music has the rare ability to touch the audience on an emotional level from ages one to 99. One young fan, named Luella, was moved in particular, and described it the greatest thing she ever witnessed in her life.

“Seeing Zach Bryan in concert was absolutely the best thing that I have ever experienced in my entire life,” Luella Viskovic, age 12, exclaimed. “It left me beyond speechless. I’ve very blessed to have had this experience!”

The future of the contemporary country music industry is in good hands… Zach Bryan’s hands!


Overall, Zach Bryan’s show at the UBS Arena was vivacious, uplifting, and a great deal of fun. His live set earned an A rating, and it is highly recommended that one sees him live whenever he comes to town.

To learn more about Zach Bryan, his music and tour schedule, check out his official website.