Full Story: How Former Military Sergeant Rowan Wiechmann Disrupted The Mindset Coaching Space & Is Leading Entrepreneurs To Become A Pure Man


Do you want to achieve high performance in your business? Or do you want to outperform your competitors and peers and become an elite performer in all areas of your life? This article is for you. 

Rowan Wiechmann is a former military sergeant who is changing the narrative of the personal development coaching space. He is a modern high-style performance and leadership coach for young business people. Rowan is a master of military leadership tactics and accountability who has elevated entrepreneurs like Jocko Willinck, David Goggins, Patrick Bet David and many more successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. 

Rowan Background & Success

Rowan lived his life usually until he was 12, when his parents divorced. He later joined primary school but faced bullying as a small kid. Rowan joined the army when he was 18 years old. He became a sergeant at 19 and started to fall in love with leadership. At that time, this man was still lying in relationships, drinking and doing other things that made him feel he did not fit the military alpha culture. He was still wearing a mask for not feeling a sense of belonging by not acting like the perceived ‘alpha.’ When his relationship ended, Rowan decided that it was time to be a “pure man” and be a true authentic self. 

Rowan started passing this truth to young, ambitious men in business. He teaches them to become the most powerful men by being themselves. Rowan has been able to scale businesses from 5K/Month to multiple 6 and 7 figures. He is now leading a community/mastermind of 25+ successful men in business age 18-35 called the Pure Performance Unit. He is scaling men’s businesses by 2-7X while also helping them grow in all areas of their life. 

Leading Entrepreneurs

Have you ever asked yourself why many military veterans are successful entrepreneurs? Well, the following are reasons why former military people like Rowan are revolutionizing different industries;

  1. Leadership Experience

At 19, Rowan was already a sergeant and deep into the leadership roles. And at the age of 25, he had already led teams of up to 60+ people in a high-tech company. The military life trained him to be a responsible, strong-willed, and strong-minded person. And that is why he can persuade other people to rally for causes when necessary. He is also well informed about the business and every area of life and the issues that impact people, especially the young generation.

  1. Discipline & Resilience

Discipline and resilience are well defined in the military camps. These guys know exactly how to build up these aspects. They know how to perform under pressure and always have a willingness to sacrifice overall. Coincidentally, discipline and resilience are a must for any entrepreneur dreaming of scaling the heights of success. Being disciplined will increase your inner strength, help you stick to your decisions, enhance your approach to things and transform you from a dreamer to a doer. Rowan is a disciplined and resilient man.

  1. Networking

Anyone who has been under the military training camp understands the power of unity, connection and collaboration. These guys always want to make an impact on people’s lives. Rowan knows that to make it happen, you need the power of unity and networking. And that is what has propelled him for many years. 

Mindset Coaching

Rowan has been disrupting the coaching space through resiliency, personal power and having a tactical mind. He is always quick to recover from difficult situations. His mental ability to cope with a crisis or return to pre-crisis status has made him sustainable in the industry. Additionally, military life taught him to always think strategically in various situations. 


Therefore, if you want to become a pure man and transform your business and every area of your life, have leadership skills, be disciplined and resilient, network, and change your mindset. For more information, you can connect to Rowan on LinkedIn or Instagram.