Ryan Murphy talks about his 2023 Golden Goggle nominations

Ryan Murphy
Olympic and world champion swimmer Ryan Murphy. Photo Credit: Gary Hahn

Brendon Cook

Olympic and world champion swimmer Ryan Murphy has a major reason to be proud. He scored three 2023 Golden Goggle nominations and chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about these nods.

He is up for the coveted “Male Athlete of the Year,” “Male Race of the Year,” and “Relay Performance of the Year” as part of the men’s 4 x 100 meter medley relay. Murphy once again served as one of the captains for Team USA.

“It is really cool,” he admitted about the three nods. “Golden Goggles always fall on an interesting time. At this point, I am hard in training for the Olympics next summer. It is cool to look back and remind yourself what the hard work was hopefully for. That gets me fired up to go to practice to hopefully have great results next summer.”

Murphy won the 100 meter backstroke outdoor world title, which marks his first win in this event at the world championship level. “That was a great race,” he admitted. “This was a close touch that went my way. Luckily, this race was one that went my way, so I’ll take any day of the week.”

His coach, the iconic Dave Durden is also up for “Coach of the Year.” “I think Dave Durden is the best coach in the world,” he exclaimed. “Dave is so good at managing athletes that have completely different skillsets and getting them to improve, and getting them comfortable competing in a world stage, and ultimately, get on a podium at a meet like the World Championships.”

On winning the medley relay race, he said, “That was cool. The New Jersey guys are all awesome dudes. It has been really cool to see Nic Fink lean in a little bit more to the sprints over the last two years. Dare Rose is an incredible talent, and he is really scratching the surface. I can’t wait to see how far he goes. Jack Alexy is just the man, he is a really hard worker, he definitely knows what he wants to accomplish. Similar to Dare, he is pretty raw in terms of developing his talent, I think there is a lot more to come from Jack Alexy.”

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy.
Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy. Photo Courtesy of the Goldfish Swim School

Murphy acknowledged that the Goldfish Swim School is going “good,” where he serves as a brand ambassador. “Right now, I am still doing ambassador work with them, so I look forward to that. I am also building my own Goldfish franchise in Jacksonville, Florida, which I will co-own with my parents and my grandpa. It’s a really fun family project, and I look forward to being at a point where we can accept kids into our program. Right now, we are building the building, it is going up, and I can’t wait for that beautiful building to be finished.”

“I can’t wait to teach the youth of Jacksonville how to swim in the Goldfish way,” he added.

In his personal life, Murphy is looking forward to getting married in the next week and a half. “It’s crazy,” he admitted. “My house is stacked full of Amazon boxes that we have to bring down for the wedding. It has been an incredible time, and I just can’t wait for the day. It’s going to be really awesome.”

Murphy also enjoyed being featured on “Live on Air with Steven Cuoco” on Power 98.5 Satellite Radio on two occasions, where fans got to experience the “Ryan Murphy State of Mind.” “Steven is really talented,” Murphy said. “I think he does an incredible job with interviews.”

Steven Cuoco’s informed conversation with Ryan Murphy (from February of 2023) may be heard below.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he revealed “Maturity.” “With getting married in a week and a half, I guess it would be maturity,” he said with a sweet laugh. “I am settling down a little bit more, in both life and in the pool.”

For his fans, Murphy concluded, “I am so appreciative of their support. As you go for a really high achievement, there are definitely a lot of things that are unseen such as the commitment level. The fans and supporters are the people that have really taken an interest in learning about some of the things that make me tick. I am really appreciative of the people that understand the way that I think about things, and they know how to motivate. I really love the fans and supporters, I can’t tell them enough how much their support has helped me out.”

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