Taylor Swift No 4th of July Bash?

Photo Credit: s_bukley

inflatable slide spotted at Swift’s past parties was present in her spacious yard. Perhaps she considered celebrating the 4th with her traditional party and then her plans pivoted. So where in the world is Taylor? We know Taylor’s July 4th traditions and parties are as American tradition as the Boston Pops concert and fireworks and the many other celebrations that are historically engraved into American tradition.

While many of us look forward to the fireworks for Fourth of July, another anticipation has swiftly taken its place. Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party has summoned so much attention over the years that some people mark the holiday by it. Crazy there was no party this year?

Or maybe she and her new-ish Brit actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn just decided to keep it low-key this year instead. Either way, Twitter has officially noticed Swift’s absence and is having none of it.


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