The Importance of Automated Mobile CI/CD Pipelines


Automation is shaping the contemporary tech-scape, evidenced by 83% of developers now releasing code faster than their 2021 rates.  A distinct game-changer in this realm is mobile Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), a transformative method that minimizes human intervention and expedites the introduction of new code into production.

A rapid ascension of CI/CD pipelines is noticeable across industries, with 24% of DevOps processes now fully automated, up from a meager 8% in 2020.  Despite these strides, the complete embrace of CI/CD’s full potential, particularly within mobile app development, remains elusive.  This adoption lag exists in the context of rising demand for mobile apps, fueled by a colossal global mobile user base of around 7.33 billion and more than 255 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2022 alone.

The urgency for efficient, automated mobile CI/CD pipelines is amplified by the need for speed in delivering products.  60% of developers affirm faster code transitions into production compared to previous years.  However, real-world complications like labor shortages, evolving security threats, and escalating customer expectations exert significant pressures on mobile app development.  This necessitates a quick, error-free development and release cycle – achievable through robust CI/CD pipelines.

An optimized CI/CD pipeline offers numerous benefits.  Early bug detection, seamless user experiences, and accelerated release times are among the advantages reaped by the 35% of developers who have fully onboarded CI/CD pipelines in their organizations.  Developers utilizing continuous testing, delivery, and integration are markedly more likely to meet reliability targets, amplifying the efficacy of automated pipelines.

From enhancing test reliability by 8.3% to simplifying maintenance by 8.7% and reducing overall costs by 5%, the merits of CI/CD pipelines are manifest.  As Barnabás Birmacher, founder and CEO of Bitrise, noted, “When it comes to Mobile DevOps, the need for speed is rivaled by the need for confidence.”

Bitrise is one such platform revolutionizing mobile DevOps with industry-leading mobile CI/CD.  Their robust offerings include advanced build pipelines management, release management, and build and test caching.  Their integrations facilitate automated code signing and provisioning, caching builds, tests and dependencies, and automatic app releases to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In conclusion, embracing automated mobile CI/CD pipelines is more than a trend – it is a necessity to keep up with the speed of innovation.  Harnessing this power ensures quality, reliability, and a quick-to-market approach in an ever-evolving digital landscape.  It is high time to navigate this shift confidently, optimizing mobile app development through CI/CD automation.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline