The Secret LA Influencer Soirée You Wish You Were Invited To

If you're an influencer or brand marketer in Los Angeles, there's one event for the coolest collaborations and connections happening in the city. It's called The Estate, and it's an exclusive invite-only gathering thrown by the influential global social creative agency THE FIFTH. 

DJ at work
Credit Marcela Laskoski, Unsplash

If you’re an influencer or brand marketer in Los Angeles, there’s one event for the coolest collaborations and connections happening in the city. It’s called The Estate, and it’s an exclusive invite-only gathering thrown by the influential global social creative agency THE FIFTH. 

This Thursday night, the doors of the iconic Grandmaster Recorders studio in Hollywood will open once again for the latest edition of this under-the-radar brand & influencer event. And if you’re lucky enough to get onto the ultra-exclusive guest list, you’ll find yourself immersed in a culture-shifting community. 

Once a famed recording studio that hosted legendary artists from Michael Jackson to Dr. Dre, on Thursday, Grandmaster Records is a space for LA’s top creators, Instagram influencers, TikTok stars, YouTube personalities, reality show talent and social media marketers. Mingling among them are marketing executives from some of the country’s most active brands ready to discuss collaboration on their next big campaign.

It’s an increasingly vital intersection of social media fame, corporate marketing spend, and insatiable demand for resonant online voices. And at the center of it all is The Estate, the see-and-be-seen industry gathering put together by THE FIFTH, one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in the game.

This is the real place where the deals get made and connections get formed in LA’s booming influencer economy. It’s where brands scout fresh influencer talent and creators get face-time to pitch potential brand partners. But it’s also its own vibe, with music, drinks, and the types of Instagram-worthy energy that drives creators’ content.

“The Estate was started as an investment in our community, to cultivate connections and foster collaboration,” says Charles Ifegwu, Managing Director of THE FIFTH US. “At the end of the day, our goal has always been to empower creators and help them forge relationships – both with brands, and with each other.”

Back for its second year, The Estate draws a diverse crowd that packs into Grandmaster Recorders and reflects the rapidly evolving makeup of the city’s creator class, ranging from twenty-something TikTokers and YouTubers to parenting influencers and lifestyle bloggers. Everyone from TV personalities to DJs has been known to make an appearance.

For the brands, it’s an opportunity to get up close and personal with the influencers that best align with their products and audiences. The relaxed vibe fosters more natural relationship building and avoids the staid, corporate feel of a trade show or conference.

On the influencer side, The Estate lets the creators mix and mingle in a fun environment while also potentially linking up with tons of relevant brands all in one place. With the monetization challenges on social platforms, diversifying through smart partnerships has become crucial for influencer success.

And with Los Angeles standing apart as the world’s capital for the influencer economy, The Estate has emerged as the industry’s trendiest insider event that everyone wants an invite to. This Thursday’s party at Grand Master is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet, with anticipation building for some surprise guests and brand activations to be unveiled.

So while we won’t be seeing any photos from inside The Estate hit social media until the party is over, just know that whenever the hippest creators and savviest marketers start gathering for a night of exclusivity, it’s happening right under your noses at The Estate. The rest is influencer industry legend.