Unleashing the Power of Passion: Meet the Diverse Group of Experts Who Are Revolutionizing Their Field


Revolutionizing their respective fields, this diverse group of experts unleashes the power of their passions to make a difference. From a speaker dedicated to building lasting marriages to a certified life coach empowering parents, each individual brings a unique perspective and expertise to their work. The group includes a scientist-turned-entrepreneur committed to solving health problems caused by poor water quality and electromagnetic radiation, a visionary artist capturing the essence of people’s passions through her intuitive portraits, and a beauty industry advocate promoting ethical and sustainable practices. With their shared drive and determination, this group of passionate experts is changing the game in their fields and inspiring others to do the same.

Colette Peterson

Colette Peterson is a passionate speaker who teaches audiences how to build strong and faithful marriages through effective communication, emotional connection and asking the right questions. She firmly believes that frequent and honest communication is the cornerstone of a lasting marriage and is dedicated to educating people on protecting their relationships from infidelity. With her engaging talks, Peterson empowers couples to cherish their marriage and strengthen their bond for a fulfilling life together.

Yarona Boster

Yarona Boster is a certified Life Coach specializing in Parent Coaching and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Previously, she spent 15 years in the early childhood field, managing an Early Intervention Program for NJEIS and Federal IDEA. As a TEDx Speaker and upcoming parenting book author, Boster is committed to empowering parents with tools and strategies to navigate parenting challenges. With a personal history of trauma and loss as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she believes in living a life of purpose and helping others do the same.

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Norbert Heuser

Norbert Heuser, a German native, has spent most of his professional life between his residence in Germany and Asia. After experiencing major health problems in 2008, both for himself and his newborn grandson, Norbert discovered that poor water quality, electromagnetic radiation, and the lack of understanding and correct application of frequencies were causing health issues and even deaths. He put his observations, studies, and technological discoveries into creating products to solve these problems. Norbert has been interviewed on over 30 US radio stations and over 30 talk shows in Europe and the USA. He has also delivered seminars and workshops in multiple countries.

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Alli Bourne-Vanneck

Alli Bourne-Vanneck is an accomplished television journalist, former college golfer, and Miss Virgin Islands in 2005. She is also the founder and CEO of Ocean Prospects, a sports tech startup connecting Caribbean athletes with NCAA scholarships for college coaches. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, Alli is also the founder of “Spilling The Bush Tea,” a platform dedicated to supporting women recovering from pregnancy loss and women’s health issues. Alli’s achievements have earned her multiple accolades, and she inspires others with her passion and dedication.

Nicole Sartini

At 19, Nicole Sartini began her career in mental health and has since become a professional psychotherapist, co-owner, and founder of Bridge Counseling and Wellness. This integrative mental health center has five locations in Louisville, KY. She founded The Academy of Integrative Mental Health, a continuing education platform for mental health professionals worldwide. Nicole’s personal and professional experiences give her a unique perspective, having supported thousands of people on their healing journeys and as a trauma survivor who has found peace. Her passion is to help individuals connect with their true selves to benefit the whole.

Joan Marie

Joan Marie is a passionate visionary artist whose energy and love for life are infectious. Her work, including her sought-after Personal-Power Portraits, captures the essence of what lights people up through symbols and power animals. With an MFA under her belt, Joan Marie’s art has been sold on millions of products and displayed in galleries throughout the USA, thanks to her exploration of wild and mystical abstract paintings. Her intuitive art radiates divine inspiration and is a powerful force of love, fun, and service to others.

William Cassano

William Cassano, a Brooklyn native, developed an early fascination with nature, collecting and framing hundreds of butterflies and moths. With a BS in Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, he held positions at the US Navy, NASA, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, William is a classical pianist and a licensed seaplane pilot, exploring lakes in the US, Canada, and Alaska. Despite his diverse interests, he has remained an avid bat enthusiast since the age of 8, fascinated by these prehistoric flying mammals.

Margaret Welty

Margaret Welty is an artist and college professor passionate about teaching people how to draw. Her fascination with art began when she was seven and living near Disneyland. With over 30 years of experience in teaching adults and children how to draw, Welty has conducted art-making seminars and hands-on workshops for diverse groups, from medical residents to National and State Art Education professionals. Her innovative teaching methods have enabled countless individuals to unleash their creativity and discover their hidden drawing talents. Margaret believes everyone can learn to draw and takes pride in making it happen.

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jacquelyn Rodriguez is a Holistic Salon Owner, Certified Master Neuro-Coach, and energy healer who has revolutionized the beauty industry. She is a leading advocate for eco-friendly beauty practices and uses green chemistry products to create stylish, stunning, and sustainable looks. With her Clean Beauty Biz Method, she empowers beauty professionals to create profitable and impactful businesses that promote ethical and sustainable practices. Jacquelyn is dedicated to educating and inspiring others to make positive changes in the industry, promoting a profitable and sustainable future for all. Whether you seek a transformation in your beauty routine or a shift in your perspective, Jacquelyn is your ultimate guide.

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Sydney Scherr

Sydney Scherr is an accomplished jewelry designer, sculptor, illustrator, and educator with an international reputation. Her works have been exhibited in museums worldwide, including Royal and private collections. Scherr was the only woman among a select group of craftsmen worldwide to produce the world’s finest example of silver Hindu Chariots, a traveling temple. She founded and headed the Jewelry Design program at Raffles College of Higher Education in Kuala Lumpur and taught at Parsons School of Design in NYC and Savannah College of Art and Design. Scherr is now dedicating her time and energy to The Alchemy Design Project, an initiative to provide vocational education and training to young survivors of Human Trafficking. The project teaches vocational skills to help survivors find economic alternatives to slavery, promoting a better future.

In conclusion, these extraordinary experts are living proof that anyone can make a difference in the world with dedication, hard work, and passion. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, they inspire others to live their best lives, pursue their passions, and make the world better. We can all learn from their stories and expertise and be motivated to pursue our dreams and goals