Create Powerful Videos That Sell Your Service With Victor Valencia


Are you looking for a proven model to sell with videos? Or are you wondering how you can create videos that sell? Worry no more!

It is now apparent that in today’s era, you cannot do without compelling product marketing videos in your arsenal. According to statistics, 84% of customers claim to have been convinced to buy a service or product by watching a brand’s video online- the reason you need great videos. 

We interviewed Victor Valencia, the founder of Valencia Media, on the secret to selling like crazy with powerful videos. 

Pre-production Is Important

Pre-production is usually the first stage of video production. This place is where you define your video’s scope and decide what your final product looks like. Here, you create your storyboard and assets that you’ll need to shoot your video.

Pre-production helps you to outline your video production process. This move will save you time during production. It will also help you to keep your budget under control. Ensure your script breaks down, set your budget, and have visual breakdowns. Planning will be a game changer in your journey to create powerful videos. 

Lighting & Audio

Lighting is used to create a well-exposed image and to set the mood and tone. You need to ensure that the background is not too cluttered. Make sure your lights are well lit. You can use natural light if you don’t have good lights. 

Furthermore, a great video is also one with quality audio. Why? Because audio is half of the viewing experience. “It’s actually much easier for someone to notice bad audio rather than bad visuals,” says Victor. It would therefore help if you recorded with an external mic. Never use a built-in camera mic because they are not great. 

The Nature Of Your Camera

The type of camera you have can determine the quality of your videos. If you are looking for cameras, Canon can be a great choice. It is also worth noting that mirrorless cameras are also great nowadays since they have free quality. Some phones also have great cameras. 

Your #1 Choice

Most people hire video people who don’t know what they are doing. These people make a video without having a proper strategy for their clients. However, Victor focuses on building strategy from the beginning. His work depends on his clients. Together with his team, they focus on telling the story by showing their brand. Besides, Victor offers a variety of videos, including interviews. 

Therefore, you do not have to spend more time creating content yourself. It would help if you had a professional videographer who would create amazing videos for you. You not only need a great video, but you also need someone to manage your content and posts. 

All you need to do is to connect to Victor of Valencia Media and get started on your journey to powerful videos that sell.


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