How String Nguyen Influences Leaders To Be Authentic Digital Storytellers And Community Leaders


Storytelling is a significant tool to handle and resolve problems and address concerns in the society and a digital world, our stories have great potential to reach wider audiences that may resonate with our experiences. 

That said, finding an authentic voice forges more connection and motivates learning while creating a rapid wave of influence. Our leaders, therefore,  have a duty to present themselves as authentically as possible, especially digitally.

String Nguyen has done her study and made it her duty to raise The Trusted Voice. She says that you have the permission to be yourself, and coming from someone who went from 0 to more than 30000 followers on LinkedIn, she has some tricks down her sleeves. It could be her love for chicken.

Lead By Example

String Nguyen leads by example, an authentic voice by all means; true to herself and truth all through her business such that, her clients trust her, her followers love her, her competitors can’t help but want to be more like her.

She appreciates the expertise of each professional and recognizes the uniqueness of the perspectives of different industries and taps on these qualities to develop a working strategy.

Content And Knowledge Base

The way to be an authentic storyteller is to stick to the ultimate course; you are there to offer solutions so the information you provide needs to be tested and accurate to serve its rightful purpose. 

String stresses on consistency too.

She says that once you build and maintain a momentum, you get better with your content as your language becomes more clear and memorable. Also, as you repeatedly focus on your niche, your readers get to fully experience your perspective.

She encourages digital storytellers and community leaders to create programs that assist them to remain consistent on their socials’ feed posts and status posts.

Carefully Picking Your Community

Your online community determines the valuation of your content; people will only appreciate that which suits them. Just like you cannot feed grass to a lion, you need to feed your content to the right audience for it to be relevant.

In the words of String, ‘Your network is your target market.’ 

With certain limitations to the number of connections you can make in most socials, you ought to be brutal about who you add to your connections. This ensures that your network is filled with people with relevance to your industry. Remember this is the next time you are accepting requests.

Give Up control

The final way String Nguyen influences leaders to be authentic digital storytellers and community leaders is by the simple understanding that you cannot control the digital world; people’s response or critique of our stories.

When you are aware of the impact you have on others, as a leader, you will act with integrity. Your hero stories amount to invaluable lessons that ultimately influence your perspective and decisions, but, with everyone having different views, you may not know how your audience hears it, and at the end of the day, this is okay.

Leadership has evolved due to digitization and leaders that embrace a digital mindset open up to opportunities. An authentic leader out of the many is fancily described as the gold standard of leadership. Choose to evolve to your truest self.    

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