Using AI to Keep Human Thoughts Alive

content creator tools

There’s no denying the speed with which AI’s influence is growing in today’s world. Already countless high school and college students are using AI to help with their work. AI art is becoming more and more prevalent, and even AI music is starting to find its place. This is all without even mentioning the years of machine learning and backdoor AI usage that has been going on.

These forms of AI have amassed a lot of fear around them due to the way in which they stifle human creativity. If AI art becomes popular, what happens to real artists? If AI is writing students essays, will they learn how to write or engage with concepts? These are real concerns to have around the modern state of AI technology. Yet these concerns don’t represent the entirety of what AI is today.

On top of the forms of AI mentioned above, AI has also become a tool to foster creativity and human growth. Most prominently, there is AI which can help people write and take notes more coherently with content creator tools. Humans spend almost half of their day thinking about random and off-topic thoughts. It’s hard to center oneselves and document what’s important.

AI helps by posing questions during the note taking process. If one is trying to transcribe their thoughts into notes, AI can ask questions for clarity and density. AI can also directly add onto ideas if one manages to hit a wall entirely. Pushed to its limit, AI can simply take over the writing process entirely. However, it doesn’t need to be used this way. Limiting the use of writing AI and expanding its capability to assist can be a positive outlet for future AI. Already platforms like Vnote exist to reach this end, asking questions, restructuring segments, and analyzing documents. What’s left to be seen is where these platforms go with time.

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