What it Looks like Working with Groundbreaking Trauma Awakening Coach Zahara Jade


Many of you have already heard about the transformative power of Zahara Jade. Do you wonder what she does differently that makes her so effective and top-notch? Building on her two decades of expertise in this industry, she founded The Truth Catalyst to guide her clients in transforming trauma so they can live purpose-fueled lives.

Trauma causes adverse effects throughout a person’s life. It changes a person’s self-identity and how they react to the world around them. When people feel hopeless, anxious, depressed, and lacking purpose, they seek a trauma-informed expert like Zahara Jade.

Who is the Trauma Awakening Coach?

Zahara is an elite, trauma-certified somatic coach that supports people who have reached their breaking point. Most of the time, they have tried everything but cannot heal chronic pain and illness, emotional dysregulation, and relationship dysfunction. Zahara helps them get to the root of it all: trauma. Jade herself suffered from a chronic illness through her mid-twenties and childhood trauma. Then she found the right healer with the perfect background, a mix of psychology, somatics, and Eastern and Western approaches. 

Today, Jade has nearly two decades of experience working with hundreds of clients. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, is a Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner, and is trained in Somatic Therapy. Zahara spent a decade residing in Asia studying, teaching, and practicing many alternative and spiritual healing modalities under renowned gurus.

What it Looks Like to Transform Trauma

Zahara’s unique path guides her clients to transform trauma. The method begins by unearthing past wounds for the client to connect to their inner wisdom and align their mind, body, and spirit. She helps them unearth and release subconscious memories through her unique approach to connect with their authentic selves. The long-term goal is nothing short of a formidable, purpose-driven life guided by inner authority and wisdom. 

Clients already begin to notice radical shifts in their mood, mind, body, and thought processes by the first session. Her framework provides clients with trauma transformation coaching and Somatic Journeys™ during every session. Zahara Jade takes clients through a three to six-month process and also offers online courses to support clients along the way.


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