16 Ways COVID Changed the Meaning of Things

Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay
  1. Zoom was something that was on your camcorder.  Not something you did for work.
  2. Masks used to be something we wore during Halloween now we wear them every day.
  3. It used to be that if you wore a medical mask outside of a hospital, people thought you were a doctor, nurse or someone very sick.  Now everyone is wearing them
  4. People used to buy toilet paper when they needed it, now they buy enough for 10 households
  5. A doctor’s appointment was something you went to when you were sick, now you stay away from the doctor’s office so you don’t get sick
  6. We used to pay restaurants money so we could go sit down and eat inside, then we paid them to eat outside now we pay them to put it in a bag so we can take it home
  7. People used to come to Disneyland now they come to Disney Plus
  8. People used to go see movies in movie theaters now they go see movies in their living room
  9. Thanksgiving used to be a time where we got together and fight about politics and then tell people how thankful we were they were in our lives.  Now they don’t get together still fight about politics and are thankful there still alive.
  10. Some people used to wash their hands to keep from getting a cold or flu from someone else now they wash their hands after they touch something and carry hand sanitizer everywhere.
  11. We used to “Netflix and Chill”, now it’s Netflix all day
  12. A plane ride was something we used to look forward to now it something we avoid.
  13. You people used to love it when something happened at school and we had to take a day off now they’re wondering if they want to come back to see there friends
  14. People used to call in sick to work and love staying at home, now there worried they won’t be coming back to work
  15. Sporting events used to have live audiences
  16. Curfews were for teenagers now they are for adults too


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